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Use Suitable Online Job Portals to Find Remunerative Jobs in Afghanistan

Aswain Medha
Mar 20, 2017
Nowadays, you will find different types of online job portals. Some online job portals use advance software programming to search for vacancies present in the online arena. Some job-portals receive latest information regarding vacancies in different sectors directly through the employers. The portals that use assistance of software are known as search engines. The portals that receive information directly through the CEOs or owners are known as job boards. You need to learn about basic differences between these job portals if you are searching for a job in Afghanistan. This information will help you select the perfect portal based on your necessities.
General Job Boards
The General Job Boards are the websites that collect information from the horse's mouth or from the employers. These days, the CEOs of owners of many organizations choose these websites to post advertisements at cost-effective rates. The alternative platform for advertisement will be daily newspapers, recruitment newsletters, pamphlets or other paper-based advertising media. These are expensive advertising sources. Hence, CEOs or HR personnel prefer Online Job Boards to other traditional means of advertisement during recruitment.
These websites are easy to access. You may access these websites from anywhere and at anytime. You only need a mobile device with Internet connection to access these websites on the go. Hence, the applicants with Smartphones prefer these job boards to offline advertising platforms. The employers are aware of this fact and have changed their advertising strategy accordingly. You may find more job listings on these platforms than offline advertising mediums.
Specialized Job Boards
If you are searching for a position in a specific industry, you will need the help of Niche Job Boards. The niche job boards work for a specific group of people belonging to a particular industry. If you have technical background, you need the help of a job-board specializing in this field. You may also find niche job boards for academic, healthcare, environmental, pathological and many other sectors. The Niche Job Boards are expensive than General Job Boards. The CEOs or owners of big organizations usually post advertisements on these boards. Hence, you are supposed to find exclusive jobs through these websites.
General or Niche Job Search Engines
The size of job listings is larger on the general or specialized Job Search Engines. These websites collect information about vacancies not only from the employers, but also from the listings of job boards. On international websites, you may find millions of job listings. On national websites, you may find thousands of job listings. The chance of recruitment increases manifold with these websites. The Niche Search Engines perform in the same manner. The only difference being these websites list information related to a specific industry.
You may experience one drawback with these websites, especially with the general Job Search Engines. The job-listings are not regularly updated due to the substantial number of listings. Hence, the afghan jobs you may consider suitable may turn out to be stale information.
If you are an experienced applicant, you may also apply through the websites of your preferable companies. Many commercial organizations maintain a separate page on their websites labelled as 'careers' or 'jobs'. This method of recruitment may also help you find suitable jobs in Afghanistan.
About the Author
Mr. Aswain Medha has written several articles regarding the usefulness of online job portals. You may use these job portals to find well paid and satisfactory afghan jobs in preferable locations. You need to choose the fitting platform to find most suitable jobs in Afghanistan.
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