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Learn Proper Job Application Process & Acquire a Lucrative Job in Afghanistan

Aswain Medha
Mar 20, 2017
It is not enough to find suitable job-listing websites. You also need to complete the steps properly that will help you reach the final day of interview. You need excellent analyzing skills to separate the bogus listings from the authentic ones. You need to sharpen your communicative skills to pass the scrutiny of interviewers with flying colours. You may even need to provide references if you have prior professional experience. Your precise planning will help you land the most lucrative job.
Planned Searching
You need to find suitable positions or organizations to begin the process of application. In this task, you may seek the help of online job portals. Nowadays, you will find different types of online job-portals. You need to be careful during the selection of most suitable portal.
You may use the websites of both the general and niche job boards to avail information regarding the vacancies in reputed organizations. You need to find websites with the option of 'Advanced Search'. This option will let you perform searches based on specific criteria.
Perfect Résumé
Your résumé will represent your qualities and additional skills to the HR personnel or CEOs in your absence. The CEOs or HR personnel of a reputed organization will receive numerous résumés. If you need to gain focus, you need to compose your résumé with a professional approach. You may even need to attach a cover letter with your résumé. You also need to write this letter as professionally as possible. It is also prudent to keep the content crisp and concise.
Professional References
This tip is only useful for experienced candidates. It is impossible for a novice applicant to acquire professional references. You need to compile a list of professional references before submitting the application. The interviewers may ask you to attach this list with your résumé. The interviewers may ask for personal references from both the novice and experienced candidates. They use this information to authenticate your identify before any interview.
Application Process
This is the most important process when you are looking for Kabul jobs or remunerative positions in other cities of Afghanistan. You need to fill out the application form correctly. You need to recheck the information before you submit. The wrong information may present you as an imposter in front of the interviewers. You may apply through online job portals. You may also visit the company's website to fill out the application form if it is necessary. Some companies may even ask you to fill out and submit the application form in person.
Facing Interviewers
You need to prepare for the day of your final interview after you had submitted the form of application. The interviewers will not only assess you through the levels of educational qualification or vocational skills. They will even analyze your personality and your communicative skills. They will also judge you by your dressing sense. You need to make yourself distinguishable amongst other interviewees through your personality. Hence, it is important to behave and dress as professionally as possible on this day to land your dream job in Afghanistan.
About the Author
Mr. Aswain Medha has written several articles regarding the necessity of professionalism before and during the interview. The aforementioned tips may help you find the most suitable Kabul jobs. If you are a deserving candidate, these tips may even help you land any other job in Afghanistan.
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