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The Five Top Free Traffic Tactics

Aug 17, 2007
Traffic is always nicer when it's free, I mean, if you can get it for free, then why would you pay for it?

This article will explain to you what the top methods for generating free traffic are and why you should use them, but remember, the only way to know what works for you personally is to test and track all your advertising efforts, doing this means you can tweak your efforts and achieve maximum results every time.

Here are the top free traffic tactics:

Joining and participating in forum discussions. This is a very easy way to gain traffic as all you really need to do is talk with people in the forum, a lot of the forums will allow you to include a link to your website with your posts and therefore the more you post, the more chance you have of gaining traffic. You should only post in forums that are related to your niche and preferably ones that receive a lot of traffic.

An affiliate program. Opening an affiliate program for your website could be the single most profitable thing you ever do because you can leverage the marketing efforts of hundreds, maybe thousands of people. You pay affiliates a percentage of sales that they generate, usually around 50%, and they constantly drive targeted traffic to your website for you.

Writing and submitting articles to article directories and publishers. If you can write short 400 - 900 word articles then you can use them to drive targeted traffic to your website. There are hundreds of article directories and thousands of publishers out there that are always looking for fresh content they can use and if you can provide them with it then you will be rewarded with traffic. You can find these websites by using the search engines.

Build a community. Build a website that is full of high quality information, products and a way for members to interact with each other and the website will grow via word of mouth. If your members really enjoy being at your website then they will want to tell their friends about it and will want their friends to join the website as well. This method of generating traffic can be very powerful but you can only achieve this by really providing a lot of value in your website and making people want to tell others about it.

Create free viral products that people can distribute for you. Write short reports or ebooks and allow others to pass them on for free or sell them for profit, the main point is to have links inside them to your website and to get those links shown to as many people as possible. This can work very well with your affiliate program as you can allow people to "rebrand" it with their affiliate links and give them an excellent reason to pass it on to others.

Those five tactics for generating traffic can be extremely effective and can result in thousands of targeted website visitors, you should always put a lot of effort into every bit of advertising you do as it will be better in terms of results and you should always remember to test and track all your efforts to find out exactly what methods are working the best for you.

I would suggest using all of these methods to start driving traffic to your website and always be on the lookout for more methods you can use. Get started today and enjoy the results tomorrow.
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