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Eight Steps To A Successful Internet Business

Aug 17, 2007
Up and coming in the new year in 2007. There are currently only two types of business you should be in. It is either you do not have a business or you own an internet business. 90% of the populations in this world are the poor and middle class and only 10% of the world population is rich. Why is that so?

Rich people create wealth and one of the best ways to create wealth is an internet business. However 90% of all internet business fails and the No.1 reason why they fail they go look for a product to sell!

Step 1. Find a large and easy to reach niche market

I have to say this again just incase you did not get it. DO NOT find the ultimate product you think that sells. Instead, look for an easily targeted niche market and find a product that they are looking for!

Example: you did a research on search engines and there is high demand with low competition for the keyword Blue VW beetle model car.

Step 2. Find a Product or Service the niche market demands for!

Go into forums, blogs, discussions or any means of communication that you can find out from your niche market what are they looking for?

Example: you went to your favorite gaming website and realized there is huge number of people asking something about solving one of their gaming problems!

Step 3. Setup your website

After you have found the niche market you are looking for, you invest some money to create a website to promote your website. You can find out more information about setting up a website.

Step 4. Have a great sales copy your 24/7 sales man

Some Internet Marketers fail to realize that having a sales copy is very important in any business or service you are doing. What the sales copy do is that it will promote, educate and influence the person who is looking at your website to buy your product. Basically it is your 24/7 sales man on your website.

Step 5. Create an opt-in page to collect email address

You want to capture your viewers who visited your website with at least their first name and email address. Method you can use is opt-in forms or survey with your customers.

Step 6. Have a great sales process

Once you have started collect email address, you would want to have a simple maximum of 4 step sales processes for your customer to purchase from you. Remember you want to keep it as simple as possible because the ratio of your customer purchasing with you will be higher too.

Step 7. Make your website scalable and search engine friendly

You want your website to be searchable by Google or yahoo. You can do this by studying some skills on SEO for your website.

Step 8. Backend, backend and backend

Once everything is done already, repeat the process again and again and also follow up your customers more often. You can do so by calling your customer for feedbacks, emailing them discounts and even do a special offer clearance sale for your valued customers.

Example: He may buy a pen $3 from you on his 1st purchase but on the next round he may purchase even higher in his next purchase!

And that it! Just keep repeating steps 4 to 8 to fine tune your website until its perfect! Remember in order for your internet business to grow you MUST test everything.

Test different types of sales copy, newsletter, promotions and anything that markets your service or product.
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