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Is InfoProduct Really Expensive and Overpriced?

Aug 17, 2007
Have you ever received this advice?

"Don't buy that product because it's expensive."


"You don't have to buy it. You can learn and find the same info on forums or other websites for free."

There maybe some truth in both statements above. The product that you're interested to buy maybe a bit expensive. You can probably take some time to find a better way to avoid buying the product too, but let me ask you another question.

What really makes you buy products online?

That is a fair question to ask when all of a sudden, you start buying ebooks, software and tools to build your online business. It seems that there is new product coming out every week and you can't afford to become one of those not in the know.

This "buy-to-belong" phenomenon does not only happen to other people, it also happens to me. I admit. It can sometime be addictive and it's not healthy to my bank account.

But, really... do you buy products only if it's inexpensive?

I find the term 'expensive' to be a variable number for different individuals. For example, what used to be expensive to me is now affordable.

How can that be?

Well, when I got started, I was running my online business on a shoestring budget. It seemed that a $47 product was already a huge investment to me. I was very careful in spending my money. Most of the time, I couldn't buy the products that I wanted because I could not afford to buy.

At that time, there was never a time which I bought a $97 product. It seemed that I had to spend a fortune to get it, and the shopping for a higher-ticket item never happened even if I needed the product badly.

Then, after awhile, when business is looking good, and money keeps on flowing, suddenly I find myself comfortable in buying more high priced items.

This discovery made my business more profitable because the more pricey products, in certain circumstances (but not necessarily always), are better in quality and much more detail.

It helps my online business alot.

On the other side, there is a statement about not buying the ebooks or products people are selling because you can find the same information on other people's websites or in forums.

There's no denying about that. You can get free information on the internet. After all, the internet
is full of information.

Let me give you an example.

If you are into marketing your business using Google Adwords, you don't have to buy ebooks or courses about Google Adwords. Everything is available free on the Internet.

If you are hardworking enough, you can spend hours reading in various forums that talk about Google Adwords and soon you'll know tons of information
about it.

But, did you see the drawback?

Although you can learn almost all the things on the Internet for free, and you don't have to spend money doing that, you are still wasting your own resource.


Yes, time is a resource that most beginners tend to ignore. And when it's gone, you'll never get not a second back.

Instead, you could be doing more productive work, like starting the Adwords campaign right after reading one or two quality Google Adwords ebooks.

That's why I believe that when it comes to making investments in your online business, you'll need to look far beyond the burdens of spending money on products.

I'm not telling you to max out your credit card to buy 10 highly priced products by the end of the week either. That probably is not the best option.

But look at the product and decide if it's going to give you back at least double the money you spend buying it - or if it can save you lots of time researching and finding the right information for your business. Rather than making a statement that the product is expensive, ask yourself if you can afford to buy it in your current situation.
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Zamri Nanyan believes that everyone can make money online successfully, provided they have proper business mindset and persistent action. For more great business tips, go to http://www.ZamriNanyan.com and subscribe to his "Online Profit" e-course for FREE.
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