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Affiliate Marketing Explained

Aug 17, 2007
Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for new marketers to get started making money on the internet and is also an excellent source of revenue for experienced marketers too. Affiliate marketing provides many of the benefits of having your own home based business but cuts out quite a lot of the problems of having one. It is extremely easy to begin affiliate marketing and does not require any start up costs.

There are a number of benefits for starting with affiliate marketing such as:

You do not have to spend time and money to create your own product. This is especially important to new marketers as many do not have the experience, ability or knowledge required to create a product, new marketers can begin affiliate marketing practically straight away instead of spending their time and money developing a product.

You do not have to deal with customers and support problems. This gives you the ability to spend most of your time building ways to earn affiliate commissions and increasing your commissions. You would get money from sales you generate but would not have to worry about things like refunds, support questions, answering emails or any of the other time consuming activities involved with running an internet business.

You can begin with practically no start up money. Developing an internet business costs money, you would have to develop products, write sales copy, outsource graphics, purchase domains and hosting and many other costly activities, however, working as an affiliate cuts out most of these costs, all you need to do is drive customers to a merchants sales page and you will get paid, you can do this in many ways that do not cost money.

Those are just a few examples of why affiliate marketing is an excellent business model for new marketers and can help a lot in building confidence, knowledge, marketing ability and income that would be extremely valuable when building your own internet business.

Earning affiliate commissions is not as hard as you may think, there are a number of ways you can use to drive traffic to a merchants website such as:
  • Writing articles and submitting them to article directories
  • Writing reviews and submitting them to article directories
  • Posting on forums
  • Press releases
  • Free advertising methods like free ad forums, traffic exchanges, safelists, etc.
  • Social networking sites
And many more, there is traffic everywhere on the internet and you just have to find ways to drive some of it to your merchants sales page.

One of the most important things you should be doing when involved with affiliate marketing is capturing the contact details of your prospects as this will allow you to follow up with them and recommend different products to them for affiliate commissions. You can do this using a simple autoresponder or list management system.
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