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Viral Marketing Ideas

Aug 17, 2007
Viral marketing is a very powerful way to promote your online business, it is like having an army of people promoting your website for you, the idea is to create something that will grow and spread by itself with very little promotion from you.

There are many ways to use viral marketing to promote your business, some work better than others but the main points you should be focusing on is how it will spread as far as possible and how it will help you.

Here are some viral marketing ideas you can use to promote your business:

Create a rebrandable ebook. You can create an ebook with links to your products inside it and allow all recipients to "rebrand" it with their affiliate links, this is an excellent way to promote your products as it 1) Gives people a good reason to spread it for you, they can make money, 2) It recruits an army of affiliates for you and 3) It will promote your products to every person that reads it and involves no extra work on your part.

Create a video. If you are going to use video to promote your website then you must make it so that people will want to tell others about it, you can do this in a number of ways such as making it interesting, making it funny, making it mysterious or simply allowing others to "rebrand" it with their affiliate links. People like to tell their friends about things that they are interested in, so you have to find a way to appeal to them. Funny videos work exceptionally well as people love to laugh and they will want their friends to enjoy it too.

Build a community. A community is somewhere that people enjoy visiting and participating in, you can simply build a forum for people to interact with each other or you can build a large membership site with lots of great information, products, videos and so on. The main point is that you must make it so that people will want to tell others about it, forums are excellent for this as people will want their friends and family to join and talk with them on the forum.

Start a competition. You can tell all your website visitors that the person who sends you the most sales/signups/visitors will get a cash prize or a free product or something that they will want, just give people a great reason to start promoting your website on a large scale. This is an extremely easy idea to implement as all you have to do is tell people to start sending you visitors through a tracking link and whoever sends the most gets the prize, then all you need to do is send it, very little work and can result in a frenzy of promotion from many people.

Create anticipation. Tell people that you have something really, really big in the works and it will be revealed to everyone soon, this will make people interested and will make them want to know what you are planning, this usually results in them telling others that something big is going to happen or asking people if they know anything about it, the main point is that it will get people talking and spreading the word.

Create a games section on your website. Most people enjoy playing games of some sort, they like to relax and play a little game and this is an excellent opportunity to get them to come back to your site again and again and also get them to tell others about your great gaming section. You can get free games all over the internet and they are not hard to install, once you get them up and running they will work for you as more and more people find them.
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