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Why is It Important to Buy Air Handling Unit from a Certified Company Only?

Asmita Lokhande
Apr 9, 2017
Air Handling Unit Manufacturers

All amount of exhaust air is discharged from the room or the building, which secures an acceptable and fresh indoor air quality. Depending on the optimum or required temperature of the conditioned air, the fresh air from the system is either heated through using a recovery unit or heating coil or cooled through a cooling coil.

In commercial or residential buildings, where the hygienic requirements for air quality are lower than the regular requirements, some of the air taken from the rooms is again circulated through a mixing chamber. This double cycle increases the efficiency of the system, and it results in significant energy savings.

The mixing chamber of an air conditioning or ventilation unit has dampers that function to control the ratio between the return airs, outside and exhaust air. The Air Handling Units is a basically a large metal box that contains separate ventilators to process the supply and exhaust.

It comprises of a heating coil, cooling coil, air filter racks or chambers, sound attenuators, mixing chamber, heating/cooling recovery system, and air dampers. These air handlers work by connecting to the ductwork that distributes and circulates the conditioned air through the building and then returns it back to the Air Handling Unit.

To increase the capacity of the AHUs and to save energy, heating or cooling recovery exchanger is normally fitted to it. Air handling unit manufacturers also deal in providing AHUs that are specially designed for outdoor use; they are typically constructed to mount on the roofs, and thus also called as the rooftop unit.

Buy Supreme Quality AHU from A Certified Company

The comprehensive range of durable and energy efficient air handling units are offered by very few suppliers and exporters in the Middle East countries. Trosten is one of the most reliable Air handling unit suppliers in Qatar as well. The professionals and highly skilled manufacturers provide the AHUs that are suitable for all conditions.

Air handling Unit Manufacturers manufacture these air handling units in different models and are used for cooling and heating purposes in different commercial and household purposes. Trosten being one of the most acknowledged manufacturer and exporter of Air handling units has an extensive range of smooth working Air handling units that are available at very competitive prices.

These air handlers are well known for their silent operation, compact designs, and lesser weight and easy to clean interface. They are also available with double skin panel construction and have highly efficient backward curved centrifugal fans that are tested and certified by AMCA for sound and air performances.

Trosten's Air handlers are specially designed with stainless steel construction and drain pan with round edges that facilitate easy cleaning and avoids the growth of microbes in them. The filters installed within the air handlers are for high dust holding capacity and have a lower pressure drop.


Trosten's Air handling units are precision-designed to establish a symbiosis of ventilation, air filtration, and heat. The company is known for their highly appreciated air handlers, and the dexterous workforce team has always managed to export supreme quality materials only. The air handlers supplied are as per customer's requirements, and specifications are according to the international standards.
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