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The Ultimate Profit System

Aug 17, 2007
When you are marketing online, you are open to great advantages that are not available to people in the offline world and you should be taking full advantage of these things at every chance you get. It is possible to multiply your profits by implementing a few simple steps and creating a system that will squeeze all the profits possible out of your marketing efforts.

Every time you create a product and begin to sell it, you should always have ways of increasing your profits by selling on the backend. This can be achieved in a variety of methods and that is exactly what I am going to show you in this article, how to increase your profits with just a few simple steps.

You should always capture the contact details of your prospects and customers as this gives you the opportunity to sell to them over and over again. You should capture the email addresses of your prospects and customers and have an autoresponder series ready to drive them to buy from you. Capture your website visitors emails and try to get them to purchase a product from you by sending emails to them listing benefits and reasons to buy, then you should capture the emails of your customers and try to get them to purchase another product or service through an autoresponder.

By using autoresponders you can effectively multiply your chances of making a sale and then selling to that person again and again and it is all done automatically.

Another excellent way to multiply your profits is to create an upsell for your customers. The idea behind this is to offer them something of great value at a discounted rate as soon as they purchase something from you as they are in a "buying mood" and if you can make them an irresistible offer then you will more than like make another sale right away.

There are numerous ways to increase your profits by creating a system and it is most definitely an excellent way to do business, however, you must add high value to each and every offer you make or else you will not see the results you want.

Here is a simple yet extremely effective example of a "profit funnel":

Visitor comes to your website and enters their email address, they are then sent to a sales page, when they buy they are made an irresistible offer and they purchase again from you, they are then entered into a customer list and send emails with various related offers.

Do you see how effective this can be?

That is all done from just one website and these people could be customers of yours for their entire lives. You can also do practically all of this on complete autopilot therefore multiplying your profits with very little effort.

Always try to create a system that will result in increased profits and long term customers. This is one of the key's to internet marketing success, you must have systems in place that will work for you.

Next time you are creating a product to sell, make sure you are doing everything you can to sell to your customers over and over again and have a way to keep in contact with them.
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