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Ticket to cracking SBI PO: Best time management tips

Apr 12, 2017
Time management, hard work and success go hand in hand. Dedication is king so make time your friend. Once you have set your target , in this instance- the SBI PO 2017, begin by analyzing how much time you have.

Working people can easily set aside up to 5 hours per day while people at home should spend at least 8 hours for bank exam preparation. Using this time judiciously is of paramount importance and here are a few tips to get you started.

Usually, from the notification of SBI PO 2017 recruitments to the prelims, you have 3-5 months to study and prepare. The exam consists of three main subjects namely, Maths, English and logical reasoning. Additionally, you need to have a good level of General Knowledge to ace the test.

Start out by marking out blocks of study time. A 60 min period of concentrated study with a 5-7 min break works well. During the break, eat a snack, walk around, rotate frozen neck, relax eye muscles and generally, ease out mentally and physically. Time outs are important to keep you focused and fresh. But, be very strict and stick to your schedule. Put alarms to alert you and be diligent about getting back to work; this is key in any bank exam preparation.

Another important rule for SBI PO 2017 Preparation is to make lists: what subject you will study at what time? Early morning is the best time to tackle subjects you find difficult because at this time, you are clear headed and at your creative best. As the day progresses, your energy levels come down, thus, afternoons & evenings can be for revisions and learning subjects you find easy. Follow these lists to the 'T'. Set reminders on your phone and laptops to spur you on so that you're not deviated from the goal.
As you plan your days, weeks & months, set small goals. These goals or deadlines should be realistic and achievable and then, tick them off your planner as you reach them. And, periodically, reward yourself. It may be an ice-cream treat or a movie you really want to watch. This time-out gives a great impetus and you'll be more inclined to phase your study plan with career defining prospects.

As you set small guidelines and achieve them, never lose the plot. Always keep the larger picture in mind. Make regular adjustments in your planner to prioritize your tasks. Start carrying your planner or notebook with you so that you can jot down anything that comes to mind. You can be productive even when you're taking a break so you won't waste your study-time in making charts.

Always study in a place free of any distractions. A clear designated study area will help you concentrate and you will also put your time to optimum use. Make sure that you do one subject at one time. Remember Maths requires extra time, so plan accordingly. General Knowledge & Current Affairs are an important part of the curriculum. Thus, it is imperative that you read the newspaper every day, so set aside a good 30 minutes to know what is happening in the country and the world.

During your SBI PO 2017 Preparation, always be aware of time. Do not waste time on activities like bathing, meals, chatting with friends etc. These are frivolous activities during this crucial time. Stick to the timetable you've made and sleep & wake up accordingly. Of course, time management is unique to each person. Some are early risers and early sleepers while others work better late into the night. So figure out what suits you, what fits your lifestyle and then, make the timetable accordingly.

Once the SBI PO 2017 Preparation plan is chalked out, put it up in a convenient place and follow it diligently. Get ready to make small sacrifices which will help you in meeting your deadlines, achieving your small goals and ultimately, your main target.

Lastly, time management is all about a stress-free work environment, so be calm. Target your SBI PO 2017 Preparation plan with a positive mind and work without anxiety. Procrastination can be your no. 1 enemy, so complete the tasks you've set out for yourself. Set aside enough time to take mock tests and to do revision as these play a vital role in cracking the big exam.

Group-study is another option if you can manage it. A competitive spirit prevails and generally, group study and discussions are beneficial to all students.
Remember there is no substitute for hard work. Enjoy what you do and success will surely be waiting for you around the corner.
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