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Lift Your Internet Home Business Ideas To Pole Position With Site Content

Aug 17, 2007
Both search engines and site visitors love useful, quality content. It is quality and only quality, which makes your internet home business ideas to work.

When you build a business website, it must be planned for the target visitors but optimized for search engines using different, low traffic keywords for different pages.

1. Build A Business Website With At Least 20 Pages.

Why? Because 20 pages means that your internet home business ideas has credibility, it is a real content site. When you write, forget SEO and concentrate to the content. Content makes the visitors come back and the fame of the website will spread. And remember to add new pages regularly.

2. After 20 Pages, Start To Link.

Pick only a few high PR, related sites and make the link back to your website. Only a few is enough, the quality is better than the quantity.
Links make the search engines to recoqnise your brand new website and the snowball has started to roll.

3. Overdeliver With Content.

Add more content pages using new, different, related and low traffic keywords. Thus website visitors get more reasons to come back and search engines love fresh, new content. The snowball begins to roll even more quicker and the site position at search results will improve.

4. Different Keywords For Different Pages.

Your internet home business ideas website needs many low traffic keywords to build up hooks for visitors and search engines. It is keywords, which will target your site to different niches of the market. So the more you have them, the more traffic your website will have.

5. Use Content For Pre Selling.

Never sell anything on your pages but pre sell. Pre selling means helping site visitors to find out solutions to his need from your business web site. Great content sites sell ideas, not products.

6. Popularity Brings The Links.

Useful content makes the site visitors want to exchange reciprocal links with your internet home business ideas website.

7. Content Makes Things Moving.

and links will give it an extra push. Keep your website personal, so that a visitor will see, that it is written by a human being. This will make it a real brand name and target to the right people.

8. Free Traffic From Search Engines Is The Best Traffic.

Most people start their searches at search engines by typing keywords into search bar. It is your job to optimize your site content with right keywords and reach pole or first page position at search results.

Onpage factor ( content ) brings the relevancy for search engines and links pointing to the website, the quality. As a matter of facts quality means popularity or usefulness for searchers.
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