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Super Affiliate Secrets

Aug 17, 2007
I am sure if you have been involved in internet marketing for any decent amount of time you will have heard of the phrase "super affiliates", well, this phrase pretty much explains itself, these people are affiliates who are extremely talented and efficient at affiliate marketing, these are the people you want to have promote your products. A super affiliate is nothing more than an affiliate that is more experienced and efficient.

Some people often ask "how did they become a super affiliate?" and that is exactly the question I am going to answer for you now. Super affiliates do things the same way any other affiliate does things only better and there are a few things that are very important to these guy's.

Planning is a big part of a super affiliates success, by creating and implementing productive plans, these guy's can produce much better and faster results. You should plan all your affiliate marketing efforts and make sure you are doing things the best possible way to result in higher commissions, you should work out a system that you can use over and over again to produce the best results and best use your time.

Following up with prospects is another extremely important part of affiliate marketing, if you have the contact details of a prospect then you have a much higher chance of earning commissions from them, when you can contact someone you can repeatedly recommend a product to them instead of just sending them to a sales page and never coming into contact with them again. Always make sure you have a way of following up with a prospect and increasing your chances of long term success.

Stand out from the crowd. Let me give you an example, say there are ten people promoting the same website and nine of those people are simply telling people "hey, this is a great website, you should check it out" or something along those lines and the other one person is telling people "hey, this is a great website, if you are interested in purchasing this, let me know and I'll give you five bonus gifts for buying it", who do you think has the better chance of making the sale? It's the one person that is doing things differently and adding extra value to the offer. Stand out from the crowd and you will increase your chances of earning commissions.

Do not be afraid to spend money in order to make money. One of the most commonly used and effective ways of promoting a website as an affiliate is pay per click advertising, this is practically instant traffic and can be extremely profitable if used correctly. When using PPC you should always work out your return on investment and tweak your advertising until you have the best possible results.

Focus on one project at a time. Many people like to jump around and do lots of different projects all at the same time and that is exactly why they do not achieve the results they want, they take much longer to finish a project because they do not focus solely on it. If you have a project that you know will earn you money, then stick at it and finish it before moving on to the next one. Focusing will dramatically improve your results.

Those are the secrets of the super affiliates, they have a plan to increase their productivity, they follow up with their prospects, they stand out from everyone else, they are willing to spend money to make money and they focus their efforts on one project at a time. Now you know how to become a super affiliate so start using these tactics to do it.
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