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Drop Shipping and Wholesaling Self Help Products On the Internet

Aug 17, 2007
Teaching others how to help themselves is a great Internet business opportunity. Many people always want to improve themselves and their lot in life. Also, many do not but we cannot help them until they are ready to receive help.

For those who want help now, offering self help products is a focused help to them to do this. This way they do not have to let others, who will not be supportive to them, know they are working on it.

Frequently they do not have to leave home to get started. With this in mind, self help products can offer a commonly successful home business opportunity.

Self help products include books, magazines, Web seminars, downloadable products such as e-books or PODS, video or audio tapes or CDs. Whichever you choose to offer, at any one time, as an entrepreneur, this can be a lucrative home, Internet based business opportunity.

Most popular self help topics, the ones most commonly successful as a home Internet based business opportunity have to do with improving the love or sex life of someone, losing weight and shaping up not to mention making money. There are, basically, three ways of making these publications marketable and ready to sell as your home based business opportunity.

You can write books yourself, you can purchase books written by others, we will call ghostwriters, or through a book or media wholesaler. Would you rather hire someone to write them for you? There is nothing wrong with this, especially if you put lots of input into it, as it has been done for many decades.

If you would rather not have to worry about putting together the copy for the self help books and concentrate on the sales end of your home Internet based business opportunity, this is okay and effective also.

You can turn to the many book wholesalers and buy the books in bulk at wholesale prices, have them drop shipped from the wholesaler but brand targeted to your business.

One book wholesaler, for example, offers books on making money in mail order, thinking and growing rich, a good niche. Another concentrates on improving your memory and making conversation tips easy.

Others use the niche of growing rich almost while you sleep, improving your personality, self hypnotism, mental mastery of ourselves. Still others offer power tips on concentration, how to write ads that work for businesses, how to make your income from your home.

More examples of niche examples are the hundreds of ways to make a fortune, and how to succeed in business.

Some wholesalers will sell books in bulk to you at a low cost so you can turn around, brand them as your own and resell them with a nice profit as your business. Some will also let you become a drop ship dealer.

What this means is that you can, instead of selling the self help books to the individual who wants to read them, you can turn around and sell it to another dealer who sells it to a customer.

They take the money from the dealer in return for which you label the package as that of the original dealer and send it to the consumer from your location.

You can also find a drop shipper wholesaler from whom you would not need to purchase any inventory for your home Internet business. You simply take the orders, pass them on to the wholesaler who puts your label on the box and sends the books to your customer.

All you have to do for your home Internet business opportunity to realize a profit is sell the books for more than the wholesale dealer charges you to send them to your customer. Colleges charge you tens of thousands of dollars a year to get a degree and learn that this is called a profit.

Then you provide the consumer contact information to the wholesaler source. It is that simple.
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