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Abiding 'Industrie 4.0' - Digital automation service providers and their petro-chemical solutions

May 19, 2017
The face of digital automation is fast changing and much of that is due to 'Industrie 4.0.' As per the Connected Industries and S.A Automation Fair, this 4th Industrial Revolution is triggering off a paradigm shift. Experts opine - South African industries to focus mainly on learning and adopting to stay relevant.

Digital automation for 'Innovation Zero'

'This Industrie 4.0 will enable a substantial shift from mass production to customizing and creating solutions. Creativity and innovation will be the main aspects of this...'- Oratile Semantle, President of SAIMC- (Society for Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control).

He further added that in the petro-chemical sector, the emphasis on 'Innovation Zero' will aid in encapsulating modernism solutions for socio-economic aspects.

These digital automation solutions will strive to achieve

1. Zero emanations or wastages in case of Petro-chemical sectors
2. Un-breachable cyber security
3. And of course, zero defects in manufacturing industries.

An evolution or a revolution? - The crucial question!

The chief proponents of 'Industrie 4.0', is the answer to this question. Irrespective of whether it's a resurgence of a progression, the bottom line is that it will benefit the petrochemical as well as other industries emphatically.

This 4th Industrial Revolution is all about mashing up a supernumerary of new-gen technologies, most of which are already presently.

Some of them include-

1. Wired and wireless Ethernet
2. Embedding systems
3. Artificial intelligence
4. MEMS or Microelectromechanical systems
5. Effectual storage and Cloud computing
6. Flexible and adaptive manufacturing solutions
7. IOT- Internet of Things

5 levels of automation solutions for petro-chemical as well as other industries:

These digital automation solutions follow a (0-5) level control system.

-Zero level will involve field instrumentation. This will have Sensors, I/O, robots, Actuators and drives.
-1st level is the basic process control. That will include - Batch controllers, discrete controllers, process monitors, PLCs, HMI and PACs.
-2nd level will focus on region supervisory controlling. That will host SCADA and other supervisory controlling equipment.
-3rd is about site manufacturing operations and controlling using optimization and production monitoring apparatuses.
-Level 4 will focus on logistics networking and site business planning with site accounting and site production scheduling systems
-Level 5 will be about enterprising accounting through a dependable network.

Digital automation companies optimizing efficiency with their equipment:

Due to this emerging need of innovative automation solutions, numerous petro-chemical industries seek for up-scale automation systems. With the help of such advanced field instruments, precise data will accumulate easily.

A petro-chemical industry owner in South Africa states-

'Using these automation solutions/systems impeccable gauging for schedule maintaining is easy. It can be used to introduce preventative schedules to protect against any equipment failure and work interruption.'

Top rated companies giving out automation solutions provide adequate field instrumentation solutions for work proficiency. From analytical systems, to controlling equipment, the best companies tie up with the best global brands - Galvanic, Trytronics, Nametre, Monitek etc.

Their experts well aware of the industrial essentialities and accordingly, they present top-notch solutions. Along with that they also share their opinions for incremental improvements.

So keeping abreast with this exciting phase of digital automation, cater to top-rated ISO9001/2000 accredited companies. And make use of their leading edge technologies as well as engineering aptitudes for enhancing quality and reducing cost for clients. The automation world is changing and only for the good. Hence it's always fruitful to go with the flow!
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