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Simple Tips to Recover Your Website After Latest Google Fred Update

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Jun 17, 2017
The Fred update which hit the websites on 9th March, 2017 impacted websites that were full of ads and had low content quality. Those sites were focusing on revenue, had affiliate marketing links and were of least help to users. After this update, most of those website owners thought of ways in order to recover from the penalty of Fred update. The websites targeted by this update had a drop of ranking for vital keywords, witnessed unusual flow of traffic and got disappeared from Google search list.

Some of the major factors which lead to the penalization of the websites are:

Website full of ads:

Ads and sponsored links on a website distract the users and doesn't offer them any help. Google penalized these sites because their aim was to generate revenue.

Poor quality content:

Google takes action when a weak, fake or plagiarized content is posted on a website.
Outdated or irrelevant content:

If you don't update an old content whenever there is a need, then there is a possibility that Google will rank your lower on its list.

Bad Appearance

User experience plays an important role in the ranking of a website. A website that is difficult to crawl, has poor navigation structure, takes time to load, has poor readability and doesn't have a sitemap will definitely get penalized.

Stuffing of keywords

A content that is overloaded with keywords can face penalization. You should keep the keyword density in mind before the use of keywords.

Poor quality backlinks:

Buying links through a blog network can adversely affect your website. For better visibility, your web site should have not have fake or poor backlinks.

Pop up ads

No one likes to close multiple ads before getting to the main content. Fred update has taken notice of websites loaded with multiple pop up ads.

Important tips to recover from Google Fred Penalty

Improve the quality of the content

It is advisable to post original, engaging and relevant content which is useful to the readers. You should remove the bad posts and keep your content updated. Duplicate content should be removed immediately. Further, the content should be written for the readers and not for the search engines. And most importantly, select relevant keywords for your post.

Ads should be curtailed

Google checks a site repeatedly to see it changes have been made. Improving the user experience and limiting the numbers of ads will significantly improve your website's visibility.

Natural links:

You must analyze your website completely in order to detect unnatural links. Your plan of action should be to remove bad links and block those websites from which you don't want backlinks.

Check your website speed:

A site that takes time to load is disliked by search engines. Your effort should be to improve user experience.

Use of appropriate headlines:

There should not be a contradiction between the title and description in your content. A clickbait may initially increase organic traffic, but will create a bad impression for the users in the long run.
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