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How Forum Help To Generate Free Traffic To Your Website

Aug 17, 2007
Using forums is a fun way to generate traffic to your site at no cost to you. As well as getting into the public arena, you are putting your finger on the pulse to find out what people are looking for and the questions that they are asking.

What makes forums useful to a Webmaster is that they can be used to create back-links or a place for interested surfers to visit to get more information. These people are highly targeted traffic. In order to create a back-link in a forum you will need a forum signature tag.

Forums are often indexed by the search engines and each thread or different topic that s posted is made into a separate page. With a hyper-linked signature tag you will have an indexed page of your own pointing directly back to your website.

What is actually happening is that you have the opportunity to get targeted traffic to your site either by the people in the forum reading your post and following your link or by typing in keywords on a search engine and your thread showing up. Pretty impressive for something that costs you nothing to do.

When choosing a forum, make sure that they allow a signature tag line to be added to the posts. Some forums even allow you to create, save and edit your own signature for your posts.

Use your name in the signature line, so that people can get used to you and will be able to identify you as a real person. Use a hypertext line of text that briefly tells the reader about your product or service and have your websites address at the bottom.

Remember you need to have proper forum etiquette, spammy behavior is not tolerated in forums and will get you instantly kicked out. You are in a public place on a forum, so be polite and refrain from using rude or explicit language.

Be helpful and answer questions in other posts. Make sure that you are a valued member in the forum and begin to build the trust of others. This way they will be more likely to click on your back-links and maybe even buy from your website.

There are many forums online and are easy to find, depending on the topic of your interest. Ideally you will want a forum that is up and running and indexed regularly by search engines to make sure that you are giving yourself the best opportunity to get free targeted traffic to your site.

Visit your favorite search engine and use the main keywords of interest to you. Lets say your website is about Free Traffic, so type the words free traffic forums into the search box and you will be instantly transported to the best forums on the internet that you can join and begin posting, adding back-links and getting free targeted traffic to your website.
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