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3 Most Common Internet Marketing Newbie Mistakes

Aug 17, 2007
Internet marketing -- an Enigma for some and a straight-forward, no-brainer concept for others...

What differentiates the most successful Internet marketers from the everyday wannabes that struggle day in and day out with little or no success?

Here's the big problem:

Newbies have a very distorted image of what an Internet based business should look like. This can be mainly contributed to ignorance (everybody is ignorant when they dig into something new -- this isn't a negative statement!).

The other important factor that contributes to such a distorted image is misinformation received from many different directions, let it be free or paid ebooks, Internet marketing forums, or other places.

Sadly, a person struggling to make some money online is usually very vulnerable to hyped-up promises of "easy ways to riches" that come in great abundance online nowadays.

Here's the scenario: A newbie sets up a web site and has no idea what to do next. He then searches the Internet and very soon comes across a professional sales letter that sells an ebook "just perfect for him"...

Being completely overtaken by emotion, the newbie buys the Internet marketing ebook and starts reading...

But, guess what? After he is through with it, he realizes that he has to get really busy and for maximum success even spend some money...

"What!? It's not that easy after all? But it has to be. There are many people out there that claim how effortless this is for them..."

Newbie then goes and does some more searching until he stumbles over another site... and this one now REALLY promises overnight success without work. They even give proof, lots of it...

Yes! Newbie reaches for his credit card again. Click, click and the new ebook is on his desktop. More fluff, more filler, some decent ideas, but also a bunch of "recommended tools" to purchase through affiliate links...

And the cycle goes on. Eventually the newbie comes to realize that it's probably the "high-end" products that reveal the "real secrets to online success". But all he finds out is that he has to put in work and money...

Newbie now usually quits. "I'm not cut out for this business", he says to himself and proceeds with his normal job.

Very few persist, test, study and eventually succeed.

And those are the ones that can eventually look back and see what kinds of mistakes they've been making. They participate in forums and other online communities and see newbies asking the same questions over and over...

They see newbies doing the same mistakes they did. And eventually they can sum them up in the three most common mistakes that newbies make in Internet marketing:


Newbies don't treat their online endeavours as a business. Most treat it as a job, others as opportunities to get a periodic boost in their bank account balance.

They have no long-term vision and no plan of how exactly they can automate their business and make it more profitable.


Newbies aren't ready to spend any money when it comes to promotion or design of their site. They always look for ways to get free traffic and pay hefty prices for the information on how to do that (which is usually useless).

They don't realize that presentation is the most important part of their business. They don't bother to hire a professional to create a design for their web site. They don't bother to buy a quality copywriting course or hire a copywriter to do their web copy.


Newbies also have a giant problem with taking action. They never take the time to implement and test what they learn from others.

The most common thread on Internet marketing forums is: "Does *blank* really work so well?" or maybe "Is anyone really making money from *blank*?".

There are many ways to create a successful business online, but all of them require some work and investment out front.

And this is good news! This means it can be done and is done every day by those that invest some time and money to learn Internet marketing, implement and test the ideas they get from others or think of themselves.
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Blaz Banic has been marketing online since 2004. He's gone from $0 to $408 a day. He shares his tips and techniques on his Internet marketing blog
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