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Project X - Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed!

Aug 17, 2007
It you're an Affiliate Marketing guru and you've already discovered how to make millions of dollars with Affiliate Marketing, you are not going to be happy that the author of Project X has revealed all of your hard- earned secrets! But if you've tried Affiliate Marketing and want to speed up your learning curve, this ebook is worth reading.

Project X is totally unlike anything I've ever read before. The author presents you with many new methods to succeed with Affiliate Marketing and spills a lot of well-guarded secrets. Some of the methods are so simple that you'll wonder why you didn't think of them yourself.

In his ebook, the author shows you exactly how to choose the best Clickbank products to promote and how to distinguish between the winners and the losers. He gives specific strategies and explains how critical timing is, when promoting a new product. He also gives you resources that will help you to find new products to promote. When someone makes a purchase from you through Clickbank, did you know that you receive an email address for that person? Do you follow up with that new customer? He shows you a great way to follow up with these customers and generate even more sales!

We all know the importance of a list. But a list is worthless if you use it the wrong way. A list is not a group of people who are willing to hear your sales pitch on products that they have no interest in. You need to develop a rapport with your list. It is important to develop a portfolio of specific products to meet the needs of the people on your list and the author tells you how to do this.

Since article writing is my favorite method of promoting Affiliate Products, I was interested to read his ideas on this topic. He gives valuable information on how to determine the keyword density of your article, and the right percentage of keywords to include, so that Google will give you a good search ranking. When I tried this tactic with one of my other articles, I was listed on Google in the number 3 spot out of 43 million entries.

Do you know the difference between a pre-sell and a review? Do you know the right way to write a pre-sell? He shows you where to find great examples of pre-sells that he uses for other campaigns. He also gives you some great examples of headlines and ads. He teaches you how to check up on your competition and see what works for them.

This is a tiny sampling of what is included in this ebook. It is comprehensive, yet simply written so that anyone could understand the strategies. The roadmap to success is clearly spelled out. You just have to follow it!

Yes, I am hooked on Affiliate Marketing. I am convinced that it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money on the Internet. I am constantly reading everything on the topic and learning new ways to succeed. Project X gave me many new strategies to try. It will help you too, even if you try just ONE strategy.
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