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Three Simple Steps To A Creating A Winning Website With Site Build It

Aug 17, 2007
While thousands of Site Build It owners have websites that rank well in the search engines and generate lots of free traffic, the vast majority could do a lot more to maximize their visitor traffic and then turn that into cash.

Here are three simple steps to maximizing the effectiveness of your Site Build It site.

Step 1 - Make the Most Wanted Response you want from your website an opt-in to a newsletter or mini course of some kind. Whenever I am asked to review a SBI site, one of the first things I usually see is that there is no mechanism for capturing visitor's names and email addresses, and if there is, it's usually not the focus of the site, but more an afterthought instead.

This is a major mistake - by focusing your site on capturing your visitor's contact details, you leverage every page of your content and instead of having people visit just once, you have the opportunity of building a long term relationship with them and offering them products and services for years to come.

Step 2 - Properly optimize your Site Build It site's images and graphics.

So many SBI owners still haven't grasped the importance of optimizing their website's images and this one step can double your site's traffic over time. For example, it's not uncommon to see a picture of a dog on a dog-related site with the image file name called 87665.jpg.

How is a search engine going to know what this picture is? How well will it rank? It's easy to optimize your images, especially when you are using the block by block page builder - just make sure your dog picture file name relates to dogs (eg. german-shepherd-picture.jpg instead of 87665.jpg), and include the words German Shepherd Picture in the Alt Tag and Mouseover Text boxes. That's all you have to do to start generating loads of additional traffic that's free from the search engines.

Step 3 - Don't rely on free traffic from the search engines as your sole source of visitors. There's a mantra that pervades the Site Build It forum that building content to free traffic is the only way to go. Getting caught up in this thinking is a huge mistake I see many Site Build It owners making.

Yes a properly set up and optimized SBI will generate free search engine traffic, sometimes a lot of it, however relying solely on this can put your online business at tremendous risk. While FREE TRAFFIC is the SBI mantra, the continuing ranking gyrations at the search engines makes relying solely on them to protect your lifestyle make them a high risk option.

Wise SBI owners use link exchanges with related sites and especially article submissions to article directories, ezine directories and related webmasters to diversify their traffic sources - you will then be much less reliant on Google, Yahoo and MSN for your traffic and your business will be on a much more solid, long-term footing.

So to summarize -

Use the traffic the Site Build It process gives you to build a list of targeted prospects and customers.

Optimize your images to generate additional highly targeted visitors, particularly from Google and Yahoo image search.

Don't rely solely on search engine traffic for your livelihood - diversify your traffic sources and build your business on a stable footing
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