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How To Create A Sticky Plan For Massive Online Profit

Aug 17, 2007
Many involved in Internet marketing may say "Products do not create success, people create success".

It really doesn't make a big difference what the claims are or what the product is. Only twenty percent of people will follow the program and be successful. The other eighty percent will buy the product and do nothing or very little and say the product was a scam when in fact, the problem did not lie in the product but the person who did noting.
Which percent are you in?

The "Analyze till Paralyze" is the eighty percent. This is the end of any chance of success. The reason for this is because people spend so much time being afraid of messing up that they don't do anything at all. It is easier to spend so much time being paranoid that something will go wrong than it is to take the chance that something may go right.

These are the people who will buy almost any product that comes out. Always spending money on them, but never using them to make money. They are easily swayed by a new way of doing things without putting the time into the 'old' way first. They simply ride the wave to a supposedly easy fortune with out thinking they will need a paddle to guide them. The result they end up with the most is going to be nothing.

So how do you make sure you don't fall into this trap and find success online? The answer has been repeated throughout the programs.

Stick to the plan you make!

The good news is that this is a relatively simple thing to fix. If you are drifting without a plan, STOP! If you have a plan but are not following it, START!

It is simple to make a plan, but too often, it is put off for 'more important' things. Don't think that making a plan can wait until later. By doing this one simple step, it will make everyday life easier. It will show you where you are and where you need to be. Actually doing it is the hardest part.

How do you make a plan?
Say you want to work full time online but are currently making $55,000 a year. You want to quit that salaried job. You want to first figure out what you need to live on and then double it. So, you make $55,000, but you know you can live on, say, $40,000. Take the $40,000 and double it to $80,000. That is what you want to be making online before you quit your job.

Keeping with the example of $80,000 a year as your goal, you need to figure out what that is per day. $80,000 / 365 days = $219.17. For demonstration purposes, we will say $220 per day. That sounds kind of nice, doesn't it?

But how, exactly, do you get to $220 a day? If you are currently making $30 a day, which is just under $11,000 a year, you want to figure out what you are doing to make that $30 a day. Then write it down. Follow the steps over and over until you get to the $220 a day. If the process has worked this far, keep it up.

The main thing is to stick to your plan with blinders on. Well, almost. Don't listen to every new theory that comes out. If what you are doing works, keep doing it. When a new technique comes out and seems good, look it over, study it and then decide if it fits into your current plan. If it will make something easier, great. If not, leave it and continue on your way.

This is where people get stuck the most often. They have a system that works, but then someone smarter than they are, or seems to be, says to do it this way instead. Then the problem of over analyzation comes into the mix again. Trust yourself when making decisions for your business. Very situation is unique. There is no 'blanket' plan that will work for everyone. Only you know what works for you.

To recap, there are only three steps; make a plan, make it YOURS, STICK to it! If you follow these three steps, you will easily make your goal of $220 per day and more!
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