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Create Non-Stop Affiliate Minisites Using 6 Block Formula - Each Making You $100 Per Month...

Aug 17, 2007
It is simple if you know the right formula.

This 6-block formula has been proven from time to time that sells affiliate products like wildfire.

It is quick to apply this system and really really easy. You won't risk a fortune with this system and can pull out some serious profits.

Lets get started...

Step 1 - Choose a topic of your interest...

This will be a niche you want to target. Now check out demand and competition of your niche.

Visit inventory.overture.com to check out demand of your niche. Just enter your niche keyword out there, this will show you the number of people who had searched for your niche keyword on Overture search engine.

Visit google.com and enter your niche keyword. The number of sites that show up is nothing but the competition in your niche.

Step 2 - Research Profitable Affiliate Products...

Using step 1 research a niche or a topic that has high demand and low competition.

Once you have done this visit associateprograms.com and research affiliate programs in your niche.

These profitable affiliate programs will earn you commission and make you money.

Step 3 - Ecourse, Sells like Crazy...

Create a killer ecourse where you will provide valuable information to your subscribers in your niche.

While you do this, creatively plug in your affiliate url in your ecourse that will sell your affiliate products.

Step 4 - Let the tiny robots work for YOU...

Now signup with a smart autoresponder and plug in your ecourse with an interval of 3 days.

Lets say you created 11 days ecourse for your affiliate product. Plug in each email in your autoresponder with an interval of 3 days.

With this system your autoresponder will follow up your subscribers with your ecourse for next 33 days automatically as soon as he subscribes.

This system will sell your affiliate products that you had plugged into your ecourse.

Step 5 - Lead Capturing Minisite...

Now create a simple one page lead capturing minisite to collect leads.

Offer your ecourse to your visitors for free and convince them to subscribe for your ecourse by submitting their name and email address.

Once they do this your autoresponder will work for you on autopilot, even while you sleep.

Step 6 - Traffic, Traffic & MORE Traffic...

Now the last part of the game is to promote your lead generation minisite.

Signup with pay per click search engines like overture.com, findwhat.com and open an account with Google Adwords at adwords.google.com to start getting instant targeted traffic.

Other methods of promotion are...

1. Writing articles.
2. Creating theme based content site.
3. Participating in discussion forums.
4. Search engine optimization.

With this 6-block formula you can churn out unlimited minisites selling affiliate products like crazy.

Your income will purely depend upon the number of minisites you create.

If each minisite makes you $100 per month, creating 10 minisites will boost up your income to $1000 per month.

So pull up your sleeves and get started TODAY.
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Murtuza Abbas specializes in creating simple 'Profit Pulling Minisites'.

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