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Selling Wholesale Lists on eBay Equals Huge Profits

Aug 17, 2007
Selling wholesale lists on eBay has proved to be very profitable for me in my eBay selling efforts. I specialise in identifying niches and creating wholesale lists to suit the needs of these niches. It's simple to create wholesale lists once you know how to do it.

Firstly, you need to join a wholesaler's directory. Once you have joined, decide on a topic to base your wholesale list. For example, DVD's or clothes or candles etc. Once you have decided, compile all the wholesale sources from the wholesale directory you joined related to the category you chose into a Microsoft Word document.

To find additional wholesalers you could do Google searches, compile website links from other wholesale lists and read reviews on related forums.

Let's say for your wholesale list subject you chose DVD's. Many sellers would be inclined to list their item with the auction title "The Ultimate DVD Wholesale List 2006". But that method doesn't work. Very few people search for the keyword, DVD, and even if that keyword was searched regularly, you would still be up against HUGE competition. You need to focus your marketing!

Choose a high profile newly released movie and include that in your auction title. For example, "The Da Vinci Code at Wholesale Prices" Many buyers will be looking to buy that product and would be desperate to find a way to save money somewhere along the lines. You could also put the auction title "The Da Vinci Code - 80% Off" but only if you have numerical data to prove it.

Constantly change the auction title to keep up with the new movies and use the eBay pulse to determine which movies are searched for the most. You can also use internet keyword research tools to determine the hottest movies out at that time.

Always feature your wholesale list auction for maximum exposure and play around with different auction titles. Featuring your wholesale list means you can get your auction listed in the search engines and you will attract a lot more traffic that way.

Once you have one wholesale list ready for sale, you can move onto creating another one. Link all of your wholesale lists together so if a customer buys your DVD wholesale list, they also have the option to buy your designer clothes wholesale list and after buying your designer clothes wholesale list they have the option to buy your candle wholesale list.
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James Penn has helped many eBay sellers since launching his website which details the many methods available to make money on eBay. James also prides himself on over-delivering and to prove this he is giving away eBay eBooks for free. You can learn a lot more about eBay wholesalers & dropshippers
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