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Your eBay Lifeblood: Customer Service

Aug 17, 2007
So, you've put up your eBay listings and now it's time to sit back and let the cash flow grow. Sorry, being a successful seller on eBay isn't that easy. Selling merchandise on eBay is a business. While your choice of product is fundamental to the success of that business, customer service can be the make or break factor. eBay is an open, easily accessed community based website, sellers who don't attend to their customer base may find that they quickly no longer have a customer base.

Any buyer can immediately leave feedback concerning his/her transaction with you. In many ways this makes customer service rendered by an eBay merchant even more important than customer service in a bricks and mortar establishment. Therefore, customer service should weigh heavily on all of the decisions you make regarding your eBay business beginning with ad design and right on through the actual delivery of the product. Notice the sentence doesn't read "ending" with the actual delivery. Customer service is ongoing; it never ends.

Composing accurate and easily understood eBay ad copy is the first step to good customer service; including pictures to assist your potential customer with his/her buying decision is another way to be a good merchant. Providing reasonable shipping rates and multiple forms of payment can also go a long way in building your client list. Adding the eBay shipping calculator to your ad is a no cost tool many clients appreciate. Crafting and posting a clearly written return policy is imperative.

Without a doubt, however, the bottom line in customer service is response. Well written ads, informative pictures, shipping tools, established policies and frequently asked question (FAQ) lists can all make life easier for buyer and seller alike; they all cut down on the need for personal interaction. Still, a quick, pleasant personal reply from the merchant does more to build positive feedback than any other action an eBay seller can make. Even when a customer doesn't like the answer just getting an answer in a timely fashion can leave a good feeling with the buyer. A wise seller will also know that while it is important to have and enforce buying/selling policies; it is equally important to know when to be flexible with those policies. While compromising on an issue with a buyer may cost a seller a few cents in the short run, it can lead to increased profits in the long run. Don't allow yourself to be run over by an unreasonable customer but be open to negotiation with a buyer who may have a legitimate complaint.

All in all, as with any company, an eBay merchant must pay attention to every aspects of his/her business. Choosing the perfect product and advertising it in just the right way are essential components of any successful eBay auction. It will be difficult to maintain your success though without attentive, intelligently administered customer service.
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