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6 Block Super Affiliate Formula - Sells Affiliate Products like CRAZY...

Aug 17, 2007
What if I showed you a clear roadmap to affiliate riches in 6 simple steps ? Would YOU be interested ?

If you are ready to put in some efforts and determination, your success is guaranteed with this system.

Follow these 6 simple steps to create multiple streams of autopilot income...

Step 1 - Research Your Theme...

Write down topics that interest you. You might have a great passion for golf. Or you might be master at cooking delicious dishes.

Life will be extremely easy if you create and promote a site around a theme you really love.

Step 2 - Check Demand & Competition...

Check out demand and competition for all the themes that you have chosen.

Visit inventory.overture.com to check out demand.

Visit www.google.com to check out competition.

Now you have to find out the theme that has high demand and less competition. How will you do it ?

Once you know demand and competition for all the themes, apply formula 'Competition/Demand' to check profitability of the theme. Lower the result of the formula better is the profitability of the theme.

Choose the theme that has received the lowest result. This is probably the best theme, around which you can create a profitable site.

Step 3 - Research Topics To Build Content...

NOW put your most profitable theme at inventory.overture.com

You will see number of similar topics (keywords) around your theme.

Search for each and every keyword at www.google.com and try to get enough knowledge so that you can write one page article for each keyword or topic.

Step 4 - Research Affiliate Programs...

Now hunt for affiliate programs around each and every topic that you have researched in step 3.

Check out following affiliate directories...

and affiliate networks...

to hunt for affiliate programs related to your topic.

Step 5 - Create A Site...

Create a content rich website around your theme.

You can get FREE website templates at www.freewebtemplates.com

You need some html skills to tweak these templates. You can learn html at www.htmlgoodies.com

Step 6 - Drive Truckloads of Targeted Traffic...

Get traffic, traffic & MORE traffic from...

1. Search Engines.
2. Exchanging Links.
3. Writing Articles.
4. Following up your optin-list.
5. Pay Per Click.
6. Ezine Advertising.

Just follow these 6 simple steps and you are on your way to affiliate riches.

NOW pull up your sleeves and get down to work.

Just imagine... having a site up and making at least $1000 with this system in just 2 months.

You could easily create 6 sites within a year, making a passive income of $6000.

But the MOST important step is to get started right NOW.
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