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Got Some Extra Time? Take A Paid Survey

Aug 17, 2007
The popularity of paid online surveys have increased a lot recently. Many marketing companies have found that online surveys are a very effective tool for gathering market research information, plus it is a great way for people to earn a little extra cash. Online surveys have become very popular among people such as; students, people working from home, freelancers, housewives and even people with serious careers. Anybody with a little extra time on their hands could easily go online and get paid to take an online survey.

How do I get started taking paid online surveys?

Getting started in the online survey world starts by signing up with a few marketing research companies. Performing a web search will give you plenty of web sites that are offering paid online surveys. Some of these sites may require you to pay a membership fee, but there are many that do not require a payment when you register. You should definitely register with the free ones first and take as many surveys through them as you can. It is a common practice to only pay for a membership if the site has been recommended to you by somebody you trust as survey scam sites do exist.

How much work should I expect to do?

Because of the nature of the business, the time and amount in which you receive your surveys can be a bit unpredictable. Sometimes you might see them on a regular basis, then there might be times when you don't get any surveys for a whole week, and then there is always the times when you are sent more surveys than you could complete on time. This is unpredictability is because the companies that order the surveys are trying to collect data from a very specific target audience, as a result the number of surveys you receive depends on where you fit into the target audience and the customers of the paid survey service you registered with.

Because there is no guarantee as to the amount of surveys you will receive and the amount that each survey will pay, it is a good idea to have memberships with more than one online survey service. You of course should only sign up for as many surveys as you can complete in the time frame you are given. Most companies do not give any penalties for not completing surveys you signed up for, however each company has its own policies on the matter and it is important that you fully understand them when you sign up for their services.

So how much is in it for me?

Of course you are probably asking yourself right now just how much will you make for taking online surveys? Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to this question. Some surveys will pay you only several dollars for a short survey, while others can bring you more than $100. What you will make depends on the type of the survey, how much of your time it will take, the importance of your opinion to the company, and other such variables. On average though you would be safe to expect at least $150-$200 each month.

The best thing about paid online surveys is that there really is no limit on what you can do. You can sign up with as many different services as you would like. Of course it might not be possible to use this as a main source of income, being paid to take surveys may turn it a profitable way to spend your spare time and provide you with some extra cash.
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