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Attract More Orders for your Internet Business

Aug 17, 2007
Increasing your orders is a result of giving value to your readers, which attracts them to visit your site. Your website is the area where deals are made and here 10 ways to attract your readers to your website.

1. Create a free ebook directory on a specific topic at your web site. People will be attracted to your web site to download the free ebooks and they will see your product ad. It is an indirect and effective way of getting a prospect to visit your website and learn about you. Do ensure that the ebooks are relevant to the website content.

2. Allow people to download software or e-books from your web site at no cost and ask your visitors to refer their friends to the web site so that they may benefit from the information. These new visitors can download the software and ebooks after gaining access to the member's area.

3. Establish your own unique identity by creating your own logos and templates. Add a free classified ad section to your web site. You could then trade banner ads with other web sites that have free classified ad sections. Visitors to these websites will be exposed to your website.

4. Create two versions of your e-zine so people can choose whether to have the ad free or ad support version. This will attract the people who dislike ads to subscribe and add to your list building.

5. Publish an e-zine that includes a questionnaire where the answer can be found on your web site. The reader who submits the answer by email will be awarded with your product as a prize. This provides your readers with value and increases your traffic and sales.

6. Introduce other products that compliment the first product a customer buys. These products can be introduced at the "thank you" page by banner ads after the customer has paid for the 1st purchase by credit card.

7. Offer weekly or fort-nightly visitor bonuses. This can be a bonus report on the latest info in your market place. Ensure that your bonus ties in with the market that you are targeting and add value to your readers. This will increase your repeat traffic and sales because your visitors will visit regularly to get the visitor bonuses.

8. Turn part of your web site into a member's only web site, and then allow privileged information to these registered subscribers only. It could be a special ebook or report. When visitors key in their details to be allowed access into this member's, this will allow you to capture their name, email address and build your list.

9. Discuss with e-zine publishers to get free or discounted ads by letting them join your affiliate program and earn commissions on the ad you run.

10. Build up the number of people that join your free affiliate program quickly by temporally offering your product or ebook for free to the first 20 people that sign up. Offer tools such as banner ads, written sales copy, attention grabbing headlines that will help them market your product.
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