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Benefits Of Submitting Articles To E-zines

Aug 17, 2007
Ezine publishers are looking for fresh content in their particular niches. By submitting your articles to Ezine publishers in your niche, it is a win-win joint venture. Articles of good quality will attract Ezine publishers that have a large list of subscribers. From the point of view of the webmaster writing articles, here are the advantages you stand to gain.

1. You will brand your web site, business and yourself by submitting articles to e-zines. This is achieved by including your name, web site address and e-mail address in your resource box. By writing your own quality content and having it distributed by a well known E-zine publisher, you will automatically gain people's trust, give you and your business extra credibility and brands you as an expert on the topic you write about.

2. Your Subscriber List may not be as high as that of the E-zine publisher. Building a subscriber list takes time and by leveraging on a ready list, you are giving your business the immediate exposure it needs to make it profitable at the early stages.

3. Because an e-zine publisher may publish each issue on his home page, your article might also be placed on the publisher's home page, which will give your website back links that will increase your popularity with the search engines. Readers sometimes want to read back issues before they make the decision to subscribe, thus, e-zine publishers may archive previous copies of their e-zine on their site, giving you free promotional traffic through your resource box.

4. Allow e-zine publishers to publish your articles in their free e-books. Since people give them away, your advertising will multiply all over the internet when readers read your article and come across your resource box. Allow an e-zine publisher to publish your article on the free content directory on their web site, should they have one. Such directories allow their visitors to republish your article and resource box. You could get your article guaranteed to run in an e-zine and leverage on their subscriber list by running the e-zine publisher's articles on your own e-zine.

5. By getting free advertising to your business, this will allow you to spend your profits on other forms of paid advertising such as Google Adwords, or you could buy advertisements in other e-zines that don't publish your articles.

A few points to note before submitting your articles is to find out if the E-zine is catered for the market that you are targeting. A targeted market will be more likely to read your content and follow the link in your resource box back to your website. You can do this easily by emailing the E-zine publisher and finding out what niche the E-zine is catered for. It is also important to test the responsiveness of the subscribers on your own by using an "Ad Tracker" software which tracks the number of times the links in your resource box were followed.

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