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Evidence Based vs Belief Based Coaching

Aug 17, 2007
A business may not need coaching, but can help to keep business processes working and functioning smoothly by conditioning them from time to time. This can be done by using developmental strategies and psychological tools. Coaching technology is a systematic approach to the structuring of coaching methods. It utilizes tools and techniques developed from various disciplines of learning like the behavioral sciences, research and analysis. Some describe coaching as an art. It can offer personalized training and help from an experienced practitioner or educator.

Evidence Based Coaching

Evidence based coaching links research and theories from the behavioral sciences; therefore, it is accurately referred to as a scientific approach wherein sound evidence provides proof for professional practices. This evidence is gleaned from industry, methodical clinical research, most recent findings and evaluations.

Considered one of the rare forms of coaching, it is based on principles and studies from authoritative sources. Although evidence based coaching principles have been developed in a scientific world that is often contradictory, the information accumulated as evidence is verified and structured. Some studies, however, do not support these principles.

Belief Based Coaching

A traditional and common type of coaching, belief based coaching guides through a mix of personal experiences, limited education, and selective knowledge of coaching, professional development and training, as the practitioners approach. A pseudo science in comparison to the more scientific behavioral scientists, it pretends to be scientific, but the incomplete information invariably results in erroneous suppositions.

Many organizations today still use belief based coaching for organizational coaching programs. These organizations resist change, and keep themselves isolated to avoid any challenges to their beliefs.

Evidence Based Coaching Versus Belief Based Coaching

Belief based coaches classify beginners as novices, because they have lower levels of relevant procedural knowledge. This drawback has an impact on the management of a clientof the novice. It is difficult for the novices to judge the importance and relevance of certain tasks, as they do not have any history of best practice situational context. "Best practice situational context" is a term used for the practice or experience in a situational context.
The concept of forward reasoning or pattern recognition is a major component, which distinguishes expert coaches from novice practitioners, who are mentored and trained in using reliable coaching models.

In countries and regions where coaching is being newly introduced, coaching practices are simplistic and disordered. Practitioners and sponsors leading these coaching plans are expected to undertake appropriate skills and training, and introduce evidence-based practices, which are seen commonly in leading learning organizations.

Belief based coaching makes an attempt to explain the reason behind the occurrence of some things, or their associations, with explanations. Here, the vagueness in predicting can be appealing to some coaches, as their results cannot be questioned.

Coaching employees helps in giving momentum to the growth and development of an organization. Focusing on the behavior provides more deep-rooted reasons to model a coaching plan. Collectively, business coaching helps in focusing on creating a business plan with its own identity. It involves teaching, directing, helping and encouraging individuals with their business related problems. Choosing the right kind of business coaching process could result in improved working habits and work efficiency.

Implementing any of the coaching methods could fulfill the requirement to increase the capacity to achieve, which can turn out to be successful for the organization. In addition, this kind of cognitive and beneficial contribution helps in gaining clarity in understanding business planning, and leads to smooth progress towards stipulated goals.
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