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Solution Focused Coaching

Aug 17, 2007
If you take a quick glance at todays business setting, you would notice the change in managerial techniques and skills of progressive companies and their workers. To be successful in business, both require good interpersonal relations, and the ability to cope with the changes that occur. Introducing specific coaching methods which act as aids for the required style of working can facilitate this.

A clear methodology should be formulated to facilitate achieving stipulated goals. While planning these goals, the coach can apprise the team members about the new strategies, and discern their reaction to them. However, before implementing them, the coach needs to crosscheck the soundness of the plan to prevent shortcomings that may crop up later.

These coaches have the capacity to assist professional and personal changes for individuals and groups. The clients are success oriented, and in transition to higher levels of development.

What is Solution Focused Coaching

Based on Milton Erickson Methodologies, solution focused coaching is credibly the most closely aligned coaching therapy. By constructing solutions, it helps clients change by utilizing a shot term goal oriented therapeutic approach.

Similarities in Solution Focused therapy and Coaching

There are a few similarities in approach between coaching and solution focused therapy. For example, both recognize the critical role of trust and commitment. Furthermore, coaching techniques could prove ineffective in the absence of a trustworthy and caring relationship.

In both cases, it is a common assumption that the past can be understood after a thorough research of history and current situations. Solution focused therapy identifies the potential for growth and self-discovery. In this, the coach needs to be supportive, challenging and directional when necessary.

Like all the coaching models, in solution-based therapy the coach and the members work in unison to achieve the given targets. Used in nearly all fields of education, professionals implement the laws according to the size and nature of the member group. Like its motto rightly says life long learning, coaching is a continuous cycle with constant learning, both by the coach and the coachees (those who are coached).

Focusing mainly on the present and the future, coaches ask the team members what they envision as the future of the company, and find out their views on how things could be simplified. By doing so, the team members are made to feel included in the company, while their capacity to improve can be gauged as well. The main objective of this coaching is to focus on the goals of the members of the team and that of the company.

A questionnaire is formulated which finds out the views of the members. Problems and hurdles in functioning are discussed, and ways to correct them are developed. It also helps in avoiding repetition of the problems in future. This kind of interaction is said to strengthen the rapport between the team, and lessen the divide between the coach and the coachees.

To conclude, learning denotes a positive change in behavior, which positively or negatively affects the future of a company. In the process, the coaches can also correct the glitches in the plan, and add new and updated techniques of learning.
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