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Pssst, Did You Hear We're Being Sued...

Aug 17, 2007
Imagine this scene - it's a quiet Tuesday afternoon at your office...

Then, suddenly, the tranquility is shattered when a process server arrives. Of course, the receptionist doesn't really know what to do and doesn't want to be responsible for signing for something like this. So, over the loudspeaker she pages someone above her to come out front to sign for the service of process.

In just a few minutes, everyone in the office is asking, "What is a service of process?" Once they figure it out, they all start guessing as to why your company is being sued.

Now, we know that lawsuits are a part of business. But, to those who are on the outside, all they think of are the disastrous and negative connotations that come with the word lawsuit. So before you know it, hours of productivity have been wasted by employees trying to figure out the drama behind the lawsuit.

What could potentially make this situation worse is the fact that potential clients or customers might be present. Again, we know that this is part of business in the United States. But, for a potential client, it's not reassuring to hear that the company you are dealing with is being sued. Additionally, just as it raised suspicions in the mind of your employees, it will more than likely create some questions in your potential client's mind that you rather not have him/her thinking.

To sum it up, a day has been ruined by gossip. Productivity went down the drain and a relationship with a new client has been jeopardized. I'm sure many of you have witnessed this situation first hand and have seen how devastating it can be to an otherwise productive work day.

Another scenario that happens all too frequently is when process is served and it never makes it to the appropriate individual in a timely fashion. It sits in the wrong person's in box or gets buried under a pile of other mail on the receptionist's desk. By the time the information makes it into the right person's hands, it's too late to respond and you have a default judgment against your company because you didn't even contest the filing.

The good news is, it's very easy to make sure that this chain of events can't happen in your office or anywhere in your company. Appointing a professional registered agent will ensure that all service of process paperwork is handled confidential matter. All documents will be forward directly to a contact that you specify thus keeping the matter in front of only those who need to know. Additionally, a professional registered agent will have a full time staff dedicated to making sure that your company's correspondence is efficiently received and processed in a timely manner ensuring that you have time to property respond.

For around $100 a year, you can ensure that the above scenarios can't happen in your work place. You can also have the added benefit of being able to rest assured that your company's interests are being looked out for even if your office is closed as most states require your company be able to accept a service of process during business hours on every day except state holidays. A professional registered agent is one of the best investments you can make to protect your company.
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