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Using a Web Based Help Desk Software

Aug 17, 2007
Who would think using a web based help desk software on your website would help out your sales?

I know I would have never though about it. Why would this put more money in my pocket? But the reality is that by simply adding a simple script on your website you can generate a lot more money, all with the same amount of visitors.

Why? Because the right script will allow you to display all the benefits of your product/service to your customers, even without actually doing support.

There's a process your web based help desk software can follow in order to accomplish this, and it's very simple. It starts out with you being clever and knowing what questions your customers are asking. In case you don't know, most of the questions you get are going to be around the same topic, and around the same things, so you can prepare for that.

Create a list. You create the list with all these questions.

The second step would be to plug those answers into your script's database. If you're going to use this, make sure the script you use has this function installed. It will save you time and money if you follow these easy steps.

The third and final step would be simply to paste the script on your website. This would finally have everything in place and all your customers would see the answers you've pasted in there.

Do you see the big picture? What happens is now your customers are being filtered through a process where they get to see what you chose for them. This simple strategy will not only reduce the amount of support you do, but it will also increase the amount of sales that you get ON A DAILY basis, because you only do this once, and then you just let the web based help desk software run on autopilot.

There are many tips and tricks that I've learned just by playing around with software, and I can honestly tell you that reducing your support immediately helps you in so many areas (like an important one as sales) that you couldn't list all the benefits right now.

You will find that you start to see more and more customers, and less support requests everyday using this simple strategy, you will also find out that this has a very specific purpose in mind, and that is TO FREE YOUR TIME, so you can go and do all kinds of stuff while making money on autopilot.
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