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Business Coaching Psychology

Aug 17, 2007
It is a discipline that relates to the study and use of psychological tools in the workplace. It is geared towards fulfilling organizational goals to achieve progressively greater excellence. Its study and application encompasses only validated and proven tools and techniques of behavioral change to achieve results that are real, and can be measured. It is source to a clear understanding of the foundations of psychological techniques to know how and why certain techniques work in specific and unique work areas or conditions, in order to recommend its practical implementation.

The focus of business coaching is to bring about change in the level of personal and professional skill sets, beliefs, values, motivation, etc., of an individual or group, targeting better organizational performance, providing greater satisfaction to them in their everyday work, life and career. The study of the interaction of emotion, cognition and behavior is covered by psychology. The dynamics of behavioral change is a critical part of psychological study. It would comprise of a detailed study of behavioral patterns, and the identification of principles governing behavior. This helps to develop a viable system that uses these principles for their practical application, which results in lasting behavioral changes.

A methodical study takes cognizance that the inward psychological transition needed for behavioral change for overall development and betterment, is a slow mental process, which people must traverse, to come to terms with new learning, skills and behavior. The person undergoing change struggles in between the new and the old before the desired change occurs.

The understanding of work related values, emotions, feelings, attitude, skills, abilities and behavior, in order to predict the result of an action or a reaction in a given situation, is a vital part of business coaching psychology. It includes the study of psychology, philosophy, adult education, management and leadership, and is the base for predicting future behavior and work performance.

In practice, a qualified professional in the field, integrates validated research from diverse sources based on evidence, to enable a proven system to be put into effect, resulting in positive and enduring changes for the better. To provide successful coaching to his clients, a business coach has to have a thorough understanding of psychological personal change instruments and methodology.

Business coaching psychology provides the necessary means for correctly appreciating the nature and degree of effect caused by unconscious forces which form the behavioral patterns of individuals, groups and organizations, and therefore takes into account the state of cognitive and socio-emotional development of the target learners.

The organized study in the field provides psychological models, skills and techniques to facilitate optimal personal, team and organizational learning, performance and development. It deals with the psychological fields of the person-centered approach, cognitive psychology, systematic thinking, hypnotic communication and social psychology. It provides comprehensive knowledge of psychotherapy theory and skills to understand the culture and expectations of the corporate world. It confirms that only through behavioral change can performance and learning acquisition is improved, and that it can be brought about only by opening and changing minds. The professional uses proven psychological methodology in ways that are non directive, to bring out individual strengths and talents.

Business coaching psychology provides the very foundation on which scientific and effective coaching can be given, leading to greater productivity and satisfaction, which is the prime objective of a professionally trained business coach.
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