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Benefits of Becoming a Business Coach

Aug 17, 2007
A business coach is a professional who works with business enterprises, providing guidance to pinpoint current status and opportunities to improve the business. They then identify the methods to affect a turnaround and make the business profitable.

The need for a coach is also felt when an entrepreneur gets too involved in the day to day running of the business and not only loses sight of an overall business strategy, but finds he hardly has any time for his personal life as well. He could be constrained to run his business personally, rather than hire someone else to manage it for him. The entrepreneur then feels that he could benefit from discussing the various snags that his business faces with an expert, and find solutions.

The coach works with the entrepreneur until results are achieved, sharing his knowledge and expertise, constantly inspiring and encouraging the client. This could involve working with him in his personal life as well. With the help of this moral and expert support, the entrepreneur, who is often demoralized with constant failure, can turn around his ailing business.

With an expert by his side, advising about the direction to take, and the specific action plan to be implemented, it makes it easier and more enjoyable for the businessperson to get his business back on track. It also gives him insights about what had gone wrong, and what he needs to avoid in the future. The first hand experience of actually witnessing a turnaround of an ailing business into a profit making one, while identifying the problems and their rectification, helps him to acquire in depth knowledge about his business functioning and handling.

Becoming a business coach gives you the freedom of being your own boss. You know that you are someone whom people can look to for help, and that you are able to render assistance by understanding the problems that they face in their business. You achieve success by working side by side with them, understanding what needs to be done, giving them sound advice, and helping them overcome their problems. Another advantage of making business coaching your career is that you can work part time at it.

The career prospects are very good. There are people who claim to have reached an income level of $3000 a month in just three months. However, how much you earn would depend on the financial health of your clients.

The International Coach Federation has 4000 members and according to some estimates, there are 12000 coaches worldwide. There is no regulation with respect to certification yet, and anyone can become a business coach without any formal certification.
If you do choose make business coaching your career, you could seek your initial clientele either by advertising, using your own network of friends and acquaintances, or by holding seminars. You need to inspire confidence in people with your ability to handle their business. Once they know your abilities as a coach, this career can only spell success.
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