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The Major Things to Consider When Buying Misspelled eBay Auctions

Aug 17, 2007
While buying and reselling misspelled auctions is a fantastic eBay business opportunity, there are ways that you can maximise your profit potential. This system, when performed effectively and to its maximum potential, can provide you with an income stream that could substitute your job's salary. The best part of this system is that eBay sellers are constantly making mistakes and auctions are constantly being listed incorrectly and you will always be able to take advantage of the incompetence of these auction sellers.

Major Consideration #1

Make sure the items you buy are high value products. There is no point buying a small product for $3 and then selling it for $5. Firstly, your selling price will barely cover your purchase price and eBay listing, final value and Paypal fees. Plus, even if you do make a profit, it will be hardly worth the effort of listing the auction, dealing with questions, negotiating with the buyer, packaging the product and shipping it to your buyer. You might have to sell 1000 items like these per day to make any decent money.

Wouldn't it be more profitable and time saving to buy a high value product for $300 and sell it for $500? After the purchase and sales process is over, you should have a profit of about $180. Not bad for an hour or two's work and you would only need one sale like this per day in order to make a full time business out of this eBay selling opportunity.

Major Consideration #2

When doing your misspelled eBay search, it is always best to search by brand name rather than product type. For example it is best to search for 'Diesel' rather than 'Jeans'. This way it is much easier to find completed listings on eBay for the same item and you can check what past selling prices have been.

Major Consideration #3

This is the most important consideration when re-selling your item.

'Make sure you list it correctly!'

If you resell it the same way the previous seller did, then you will experience the same results and make no money for a lot of work. Always double check your auction before listing because once there has been a bid, there is no way to change your auction.

Follow those three major considerations and you will be able to buy and resell eBay auctions for huge profits with minimal outlay of time and money.
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James Penn is an experienced eBay seller and has helped many successful eBay sellers since launching his website which details the many methods available to make money on eBay. James also prides himself on over-delivering and to prove this he is giving away some of his best selling eBay eBooks for free.
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