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Staff Motivation: Your Key to Company Success

Aug 17, 2007
The success stories of most of the multimillion dollar companies start out from something small. From being a labor of love of one or two individuals who are working on a project at the garage of their home, a company can grow to such extent that they become a worldwide phenomenon.

Without the help of a dedicated staff or workforce, not one of the bigwig enterprises that exist now will be what they are today.

One of the major factors that contribute to a company's success is staff or employee motivation. Without proper motivation, an employee will just routinely go through the tasks assigned to him or her on a daily basis without trying to "think big", or going out of their way to help the company grow and improve.

Thus, it is important for the upper management to know exactly what makes their staff motivated. By knowing what makes the financial wizard in the company tick and motivating him to produce a great output at work, then that person can contribute a lot to the financial growth of the company.

Take a look at some of the other benefits that you can get from proper staff motivation:

-Increased and improved employee output at work.

-Enhanced team spirit if all individuals are working towards the same goal.

-A more positive working environment.

Whether you are a supervisor or a manager, you need to have enough 'people skills' to deal individually with your peers and make them work as a team so that all of you can contribute something towards the growth of the company, which will in turn benefit all of you.

Here are a couple of ways on how you, as a leader, can work on staff motivation:

1. Be a good leader and set an example.

The simple things at work, like showing up early for a meeting or making the effort to know a little bit more about your co-workers as well as the basic, simple courtesy would go a long way towards motivating your staff.

By setting a good example at work, you are sending them the right message that they should follow your lead. Thus, you will slowly earn their respect which will in turn benefit you all when it is time to make crucial decisions about work, and help contribute to the growth of the company.

2. Do not be hesitant to share your knowledge with your staff.

You are all at work to earn and learn something new everyday by doing something that you love. If you are passionate about your work and you are assigned as the leader to a group of employees, do not hesitate to share what you know with your staff.

By brainstorming and getting all of your ideas out in the open, you can get a lot of feedback and who knows? The idea for the next 'wonder' product might show up during one of your staff meetings.

By being a good leader, setting a proper example and sharing your knowledge with others, you can easily motivate your staff so that you can all work together towards the success of your company.
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