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Mastering Joint Ventures - Automate Your Communication

Aug 17, 2007
Frequent communication can lead to better sales. Joint Ventures leverage efforts to bring your products to entirely new markets. They may reverse your exposure to risk, earn more profit per sale, or boost your total sales volume.

Communication is a good thing in any kind of business. These are to motivate your employees, in this case, your partners. Communication should be frequent and used to create a common vision, establish a connection with leadership, explain the new rules, support the individual transition process, aid in retention, and ultimately, define the new organization in terms of "We" instead of an "It" or "They." Share as much information as you can.

Let the bots do the work. Many business people would prefer to have robots do certain tasks to free up their own time. Having to respond or communicate with many JV's is a task, so this calls for automated communication with the help of robot programs. Robots don't complain, rob the time-clock, or call in sick before heading to the beach, but they aren't practical for many types of work and the cost is exorbitant.

Unlike conventional robots, email autoresponders are inexpensive and very practical for automating the task of delivering specific types of information to your partners.

An autoresponder is like an email version of Fax On Demand. Also called a mail robot or mailbot, it is a truly automated special program that runs on a computer via an Internet server. When email is sent to it, it responds by automatically returning specific files back to the sender's email address. This also works the other way around: if you want to communicate with your prospects due to inactivity in responding to your letter, the bot will automatically send another email to inform the said party.

This means that it will send an instant communication to your partners online without doing anything, thus sending your own pre-made letter to your prospects seven days a week, all without the need for a human to follow up with each lead. The procedure is on full autopilot. Its objective is to respond to requests for more information on products, services, or opportunities and bring in enough profit from the small percentage of follow-ups that will increase the number of buyers to cover all expenses and confidently make revenues.

The following example of sending a FAQ is just one example of the different uses for autoresponders. They can also be used for price lists, sales letters, catalogs, or most any other text file that you want to automatically send. They have even been set up to send the text of an entire book by email; however, you must be clever in writing your letter in order to make it personal and genuine, with little chance of it being recognized as an automated response.

Suppose you kept a careful record of all the questions your partners and prospects ask about your products and services day in and day out over a period of time. As you analyze these questions, most likely you'll find that a majority of questions are the same ones asked over and over again that you spend much time and money on answering over and over again.

You could then prepare a text file containing a FAQ or list of Frequently Asked Questions, including detailed answers to them, and set up an autoresponder for automatically sending it out by email. Then all your prospects have to do are send an email message to the autoresponder, and within a manner of seconds or a few minutes, receive your automated response in his or her e-mail box.

Your partners get most of his questions answered quickly, without any human intervention, and you save time and money in the process, which you can use more efficiently in other areas. When such prospects get in touch with you later, they will be better informed about your offers, and thus, provide better business as your partners and become that much closer to doing business with you.

While this method won't totally eliminate time and money spent on partners and prospects, you won't have to spend as much of those precious resources responding to inquiries, because your FAQ, or your pre-made message available via an automated responder, answers most questions before they ask you. This will make it big in the long run; hence, netting you a good ranking in the top search engines, which of course leads to a good amount of money.
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