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DVD Wholesale List- Scams Revealed

Aug 17, 2007
You need to know right now the DVD wholesale list comparisons between a potential scammer and legit distributor list of DVD wholesalers offered worldwide around the net today. About 10 minutes ago from writing this, I got to purchase what are supposed to be real distributors for getting top of the notch wholesale DVDs at below wholesale prices. Do you want to know what I found? I bet that is a yes if you are a wholesale addict like I am or the entrepreneur that likes to find the greatest deal for his business.

I found a huge chunk of trashy outdated links that led me to fake distributors and illegal bootleg distributors that sold international region 2 copies that do not even get to play in my US DVD player. When I got to see the prices of the so-called DVD wholesale list that I purchase, I got retail prices. When I saw the description for what such DVDs could be played, I saw NTSC, Region 2, VCD and every other cheap useless junk that should not be sold as legal for commercial DVDs online.

To tell you more you can go to the biggest auction sites today and find numerous cheap $0.99-$4.99 list that promise you to make $100,000 a year with their wholesale list. I promise that if you have some sound experience in the online business or local state business- you will know that it is for sure a halfway scam. Even if you are the wholesale aficionado like I was once when starting many years ago, you could really tell how good to be truth are those claims that many pesky advertising are being thrown out to your eyes with any sound facts or financial evidence to prove they walk the walk when it came to selling wholesale or tangible items online.

I tell you this because for the sake of my business and my profits- I am always in the hunt for the great wholesale DVD list on the Internet, and till this day- 95% plus of them for being gentle with the averages are total scams. Possible ways to become more accurate at detecting scams on the internet- look for high claims in numbers. If the seller does not proof what he writes or talks about in his offering with a guarantee or financial statements-you are better off in my opinion and experience.

If the owner does not explain in some way how the wholesale business is working online at this very moment- you should be skeptical and read deeper about him or she. Main thing is read, do your due-diligence and follow the saying that says: You get what you paid for. That is most of the time and in specially, this DVD wholesale list business.
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