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Starting A Blog Design Service

Aug 17, 2007
Are you a big time blogger and can not stand to be away from the computer? Do you understand what it takes to make a hot design that is trendy and modern for blogs? If you are interested in making some extra cash you should think about starting a blog design company. Blogs are the hottest form of marketing both for personal and business areas. If you are interested in starting a blog design service and working with companies you should consider the following failures when it comes to business blogs.

First and foremost a good blog has to have awesome headlines. This is the first thing people see and read. Without a great headline why would people stop and read what you have to say. In addition bad headlines effect how well search engines are able to find your blog. After all if no one can find the blog there is not much point in starting a blog design service. The important part of a blog is to make sure that you just give the reader a sneak peak of what is to come. This way you peak curiosity and you can continue to get visits to your blog.

Make sure your blog entries are full of links. This is essential to starting a blog design service because this is how you make your money. People click on your links and you get money for each click your visitors make. It is important to not just underline the link but you might also want to add something like "click here now!" for added attention. Links are often missed because the visitor is too busy reading. Remember to let the reader know what they will get when they click on the link. If you are starting a blog design service make sure you keep in mind navigation. Most blog sites have awful navigation and it is truly difficult to find your way to past blog entries. Calendars are a great way to solve this problem but 50% of the time they do not work. This is why in blog design you make sure that navigation works flawlessly.

Remember that if a visitor can not easily more around your blog they will leave out of sheer frustration. There is no reason for them to stick around after all there are millions of other choices out there for them. You might want consider having a side bar which lists all the links and also the archives. That way a visitor can easily access all the content on the blog web site. Starting a blog design service is no easy task but for the right individual it is a great way to earn extra money and use their creative side.
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