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How To Avoid Home Business Scams

Aug 17, 2007
Home based business has always been an attraction even before there was the internet. Affiliate marketing strategies are nothing new; they have been used for over fifty years. The Internet has just made the whole affiliate business popular and more people know about it now. Also, thanks to some early and spectacular success stories the whole home business scene has become not only popular but has become synonymous with making money fast and easy. This is why it is important to avoid home business scams, this immense popularity and public interest has resulted in quite a few con artists prowling about the internet waiting to deprive you of your hard earned money.

In order to avoid home business scams all you need to do is use the Internet to do some very thorough research on the opportunity presented to you. This does not mean mere reading of testimonials and other personal accounts that cannot be corroborated. Look for third party reviews from recognized bodies that evaluate home businesses. There are many such third party evaluators as well as quite a few websites that deal exclusively with scam business opportunities. Use the name of the business opportunity and add "scam" while using a web-based search engine. If you get any meaningful results then it means you better move along and look elsewhere.

It is becoming customary for a lot of home business opportunities to get themselves approved by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Check for the BBB logo on the home business website. Alternatively, go and check on the BBB website to make sure there were no complaints lodged against the home business provider.

Always check to make sure the home business provider has a postal address and a telephone and fax number. Call them and see if you speak to a machine or a human being. A machine means something is fishy. Send them emails and if you get an automated reply instead of a real person replying exactly to your questions and not running down into a sales pitch then you had better avoid the home business scams like that.

Sadly, this means a bit of work because there are too many scams on the internet. Should you come across anything that you feel is not right then take a little time and report them to the BBB in order to make sure that others following in your footsteps may also avoid home business scams.
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