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How to Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Aug 17, 2007
Reach out and grab your readers with attractive, click persuasive and winning headlines. Watch as your promotional ROI (return on investment) increases fast! Follow the steps below and turn those browsers into buyers by sucking them into your advertisement or sales page with irresistible Headlines.

Below are 7 ways that you can attract readers and more importantly buyers of your product or service. If you use one or all of them it does not matter, just use these techniques I have outlined for you.

(a) How To This is one of the top performing headlines. People want to learn steps, how to do something. For example, How to Write Attention Grabbing Headlines or How to Spot a Fake Louie Vuitton. So tell them!

(b) News Headline Get to the point right off the bat. For example, Service Company Teams up To Fill in Gaps with Childrens Fundraiser. Then write that inverted pyramid style with the most detailed information (who, what, when, where, why, how) on top.

(c) Featured Benefit Headline Disclose your biggest benefit right at the top. Draw attention by opening in grand style. For instance, Marketers Get Over 50% of Their Emails Opened with New Auto responder Technology. Do you see who was benefited in the preceding headline? It is as plain as the nose on your face right? That is how you want it to be. Do not make people guess or this will lead to confusion.

(d) Solve A Problem Pick a popular problem being discussed in your niche or industry and then use it to your advantage. For example, Turn Your Private Label Products into Profits in 5 Minutes with This New Audio Mastery Series. How about, Double Your List Size in 7 Days With This Viral Software. See how I got your attention with a headline proposing a solution to a problem?

(e) Share Personal Discovery Create interesting story angles out of your own would-be bloopers like, Everyone Told Me I Would Never Be Able to Quit My Day Job, But I Did It in One Month and with only a $10 Investment! Try this one, Wrong Email to Wrong List Leads to Unexpected Profits! Do not be afraid to admit mistakes. We are all human and letting your prospective customers and list members know this will improve your re pore with them.

(f) Case Study or Testimonial Headline Similar to (e), place the focus on those interesting story angles of others; for example, Jack Stuffed My Mailer in the Trash, Then Dug It Out, Listened to the Audio Files, and Earned $12,457 in Just 30- Days!

(g) Guarantee Headliners Add your bottom line up top, Earn Your Money Back in 30 Days or Less or I will Double Your Money Back! Also, Double Your Money Back if You Do not Double Your Money!

For plenty more ideas, and more targeted ones for your specific niches and industries, head to USAToday.com, PRWeb.com and other media sites. Read their headlines to see which ones professionals came up with and put to work. Also grab your local newspapers and any magazines you have around your office and home. Read the headlines for more ideas and try them out for your own articles, websites and press releases. Some magazines you would never think of to get headlines to try from are The Enquirer or The Star. I know they are a little out there with their content but their headlines are masterful at getting you to pick up the magazine and getting you to read.

Put any of these top formulas to work on your websites, articles and press releases. I can assure you that you will receive a better response to your ads than previous attempts. The ways to format your headlines above are tried and tested, do not try and change the wheel on this one. Make it easy on yourself and just follow what has been proven to work.

Today it is harder than ever to get people to read what you want them to. Heck, it is hard enough to get them to stop for a second to do so. Everyone is so busy these days and in a give it to me now society you have to give it to them now. Writing headlines that get straight to the point is what will cause people to stop and take notice. Make sure you put a lot of thought into your headlines and watch your ROI skyrocket!
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Shane Wilson has been marketing online for years. He has many successful sites that cater to up and coming business people online. You can learn more about Shane at his blog located at my Blog http://www.nexusgate.com/blog. Thank you.
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