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The Internet for Businesses: Demystified PART 1 of 3

Aug 17, 2007
Winning searches is hard to understand for most business owners. Many marketing gurus from the traditional media world (TV/Radio/Newspaper) do not understand what it takes to win searches. In fact, there are surprisingly few SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms that truly understand the nuances of winning search in the worlds of Google and Yahoo.
Any SEO firm can get you to number one on Google.

Yes, any SEO firm can get you to number one on Google for a search that does not matter. Winning searches is about beating the competition for ownership of the number one Internet currency; words. But, if you are ranked number one on Google for words that do not matter, what good is it to you? Make sure you understand this. Any SEO firm can get you to the top of a search for words no one is typing or infrequently typing into search engine browser windows. Because there is no value and no traffic associated with those words.

Your business has to make a fundamental paradigm shift if you are to succeed in increasing your Internet Visibility to a level that is producing profits. Your website must become more business center than brochure and the key to that shift is connectivity.

The Internet has fueled the global marketplace. For businesses such a homebuilders, the result of this new global dynamic is the business is harder to find because it is now competing with other businesses just like it in other cities and states and with lots of related businesses interested in owning the same keywords. The opportunity in this new marketing world is businesses that share the same business as you do in noncompeting territories are now your biggest asset when it comes to creating Internet Visibility.

EXAMPLE: If you are a homebuilder, it is a valuable commodity to have you connected (linked with the same textual coding) to other homebuilders around the country and vice versa. The two of you share the same category words. It is that connectivity that helps each of you win searches in your territory (city).

Words are the new currency of the Internet. And there are only two types of words that you need to own. Those are category words and territory words. If you are a pool builder in Shreveport you are not too concerned about the lady in Los Angeles searching for a pool builder. But, you should be concerned that someone in Seattle moving to your city, Shreveport, is searching for a homebuilder and since you are a pool builder in Shreveport, it would be great if the homebuilder they found is connected with you through the Internet, either directly or indirectly, so that you have a better chance of selling the pool for that new home. Whether they find you through that process or not, it is the connectivity that causes your Search Engine ranking to go higher which in turn increases your opportunity for qualified leads.

Everything in life starts with a whoyouknow. The Internet has obfuscated the traditional definition of relationships. Ironically, the Internet fosters connectivity in huge quantities, which is where the problems begin. Who do you choose? What words do you search for? The Internet as the center of all marketing and communications strategies has redefined whoyouknow as links. It is those links that play a key role in boosting your ranking on meaningful searches pertaining to what you sell.

However, you can forget about being ranked below number 10 for meaningful words on Google or Yahoo. That is because 93.7% of all searches end on the front page of a search. So the challenge is simple. Show up on the front page of searches that really matter. If you are not on the front page of a Search that matters, you are practically invisible on the Internet. The battle in marketing today, no matter the size of your company, is a battle for Internet Visibility. So, how do you gain Internet Visibility?

Here is how: CONNECTIVITY.
By connecting you with companies related to your industry from throughout the United States and through websites related to your company, you get the benefits of literally 1000s of links to your website which, depending on the level of competition, should propel you to the top of meaningful searches for your product/service in your territory (city). It is important that you understand the paragraph you just read.

Connectivity is the key. You have to begin the process of having sites connect to you that have relative content value to your site first and foremost. At the very least, you have to begin the process of having sites connect to you on the Internet regardless of the type of business that connects to you (within the bounds of good taste).

Machines control the Internet. And, in the machine world, who you know takes the form of links from one site to the other. The more links to a site, the more value the machines put on that site. The more links from sites with relative content value, the better. The more value a site has in the machine world, the higher it is ranked on volume related searches; searches that matter. Sure, the values and quanitities of links adjudicated by the machines as good are in a state of constant flux. But, one thing will never change: the need to rank one site higher than another based on the needs of the individual. As a result, connectivity will always be at the top of the list of criteria, right under visitor usage.

The Next Step?
More on that in Part 2 of this 3 part series. Part 3 is entitled, Your Own Internet.
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Tim Dillard is CEO of DLB, an Internet Marketing & Branding company based in Houston. He is founder of North Pole Network, a TV network airing in malls in 36+ states at Christmas-time. His company owns more than 5000 websites including TopsInAmerica.com http://www.dlbllc.com tim@dlbllc.com
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