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Using Web Link Marketing and Replicated Web Sites

Aug 17, 2007
The finest and fairly new, home and business marketing tactic called, replicating Web site, can work for you as the originator or as the follower.

Some dynamic MLM, affiliate and article directory companies offer high potential business opportunities by providing beginner and experienced Internet marketing tools to distributors or affiliates in this relatively new way.

Some will have web sites you can adapt to your personal style, which is highly preferable, and some will not.

At first, with a free MLM or affiliate program it might be worth it to have a non personalizing web site to get some experience with it and see how it works.

After a while you do want to have a replicating type web site of your own though to get experience and grow with your web link marketing knowledge that you can alter at your will and whim. The only ones like this, that I see at this time are the article directory web sites.

Maybe more are out there or will show up later. The wonderful advantage here is you have a nice base web site to build on and grow with that has been started by an experienced on line inter net marketer, to give you a jump start.

Prior to the advent of replicating Web sites the first line income producer for distributors, and their primary advertising tool for their home business, was the product and compensation plans.

This was good but requires thousands of hours of hard work to be successful. If you are ready to pay this price you can do it.

As times have changed, replicating Web sites can tell the distributor or affiliate story, and be available night and day so leads can look at the story of the business in as much depth as they wish anytime.

This is a tremendous time saver for the distributor or affiliate who only has to advertise and market the web site over the inter net.

This is duplication and viral marketing at the finest point. With these sites, the distributor can build national and even global distributor organizations for her or his Internet home business.

To be truthful, some affiliates with non changeable sites are making very big bucks by just promoting. Many have multiple affiliate programs they are promoting once they learn how to advertise the first one.

One of the first steps to take to earn massive sales by means of these profitable sites is for the company to slowly, carefully and painfully develop a Web site by itself.

This corporate, if desired, online location needs to include the firm history and information about the product.

Other information and tools needed are the compensation plan, forms for enrollment or sales as an affiliate, article marketer or MLM distributor. Anyone will be able to go to this site to buy the company products and or sign up as an affiliate or distributor.

No live person is needed to complete either transaction, just the web site.

Sorry if this seems cold but many thousands of entrepreneurs like this method better than the old high pressure and intimidating sales techniques we used to use over the phone for thousands of hours.

Distributor or affiliate enrollment, in this way, is violating the basic principle of traditional multi level marketing firms. I say, so what! The affiliate age is here and prospering now.

Leads feel more comfortable using this method and once they sign up their level of commitment is less scary from the time and money perspectives.

They can drop out at anytime or keep doing it forever. Without the emotional pressure, your good sign ups will learn and last longer.

So, each home business affiliate for the article directory, other affiliate program or distributor for the MLM now has their own, highly developed Internet advertising site with proven web content articles and information. This web site links directly to the main mother site.

Lead respondents are then attracted to the site of the referring distributor or affiliate ad, ppc or keyword which link expedites the prospect to the home business information and hopefully purchase and sign up forms.

The affiliate, distributors home or office business is now an article directory, affiliate or MLM marketing opportunity for product or service sales and growth.

With advertising efforts the affiliate or distributor is on their way to a cheap and effective business with very low risk.

When purchases are made via the e-commerce enabled mother company site, or the prospect enrolls as a distributor, the distributor is credited with a sale or sign up. They are usually notified immediately.

In most MLMs, the distributor receives e-mail notifications of every site visit or inquiry. Should questions arise about sales or enrollment, the referring distributor can take action, answer questions, objections and sometimes close the sale.

The objection that MLM members have is the daily and hourly emotional pressure this lays on them.

It seems like there is never a time to rest. This is why MLM has lost popularity to the article directory and affiliate programs over the last few years.

A major disadvantage to replicating Web sites for entrepreneurs who want MLM businesses on the Internet is the marketing and content control that the corporation holds.

Many MLM companies have closed their doors and legally confiscated all the money in their coffers over the years. This is still legal though immoral.

The above seldom happens with article directory and affiliate programs that are heavily self regulated. Governments have kept out of heavy regulation of these two industries because of this useful action by the companies themselves.

Letting the mother company maintain heavy control, however, maintains the branding of the firm and the distributor affiliation with national marketing success. It also leaves the distributor to focus on sales rather than technical oversight.

The downside is you have to trust the companies and are entirely dependent on their honesty or lack of it. This has proven a bad risk to take over the years.

With a base site as a marketing opportunity for your business, be it article directory or general affiliate or MLM it is possible to build a large organization of distributors and customers. You can do this without leaving your home office.

You do not need to meet your distributors in your affiliate programs or down line or of customers. Your replicating Web site does much of the communicating for you.

A small percentage of people have personalities and personal power drive that fits MLM business. Over ninety percent of the general population do not.

This is where the affiliate programs shine. Carefully choose the right one for you.
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