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Aug 17, 2007
Remember the days when you wanted to earn extra money from home and sold soap of one kind or another to all your friends, family and even some enemies? Remember when you had garage sales in order to put a little extra cash in your pocket? Let's face it; we all need extra money from time to time. No matter how much we have; it's still nice to have a little cushion isn't it? This is why the miracle of the internet is such a fantastic tool when it comes helping us pull ourselves out of debt.

The internet comes galloping to the rescue! Today there are many, many ways to become financially secure by working through the internet, just as there are as many ways to make an extra income. Instead of having yard sales on Saturday, either baking in the sun or freezing parts of your anatomy as the weather gets colder; you can sit at your computer and reach millions through an auction. Because of the number of people now shopping the internet, the chances are good that someone would want to buy an old treasure you had in the attic.

To me the starting place for a novice who knows little about the internet, is to join Ebay. When you do you have taken your first baby step on the way to global success! When you post your first item, you will have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment! You have entered that scary and fearsome place called the World Wide Web! You're an international merchant with the whole wide world waiting for you! It's an awesome experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives.

Don't think you have to have a website and the knowledge to operate it before you tackle Ebay. You don't need one to make money with through them. Many folks before you began without one; and some of the power sellers on eBay still do not use a web site for their business. Lack of a web site is an excuse to procrastinate.
All you have to do to join is register with eBay and submit a listing of something you want to sell. It's really quite simple; even I was able to do it the first time! Ebay has written instructions on every aspect of their on line auction and market place. It's almost idiot proof! I say almost, because there are exceptions to every rule.

Of course there are other on line auction houses on the internet for you to use. There's Yahoo Auctions, ubid, auctionweiser and bidz; just to name a few. Some specialize in specific items like jewelry, automobiles and just about anything you can dream up! Any of these can help you get your internet business off the ground. Enter a few of these auctions to get your feet wet.

With eBay, if your item doesn't sell the first time, you are not charged anything for the listing. If you reenter that item, you are then charged a small fee. Some of the other auctions charge nothing. All in all auctions are a good place to start your internet business. After you have entered a few of these auctions you will have become an expert in your own house.

There is always the chance that when you sell your first item you will become addicted to selling at auction on the internet. That addiction is a good thing because it will propel you to internet success. Everyone one is not susceptible to that addiction however, and it is harder for them to build their internet businesses. They just have to work a little harder at it. Treat the auctions like a business and you will succeed. Have fun with it! That is truly what will make you a success!
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