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Cash In On The Internet - Quick Or Slow?

Aug 17, 2007
A while ago it came to my mind that there are so many newbies that don't have any direction or path they follow. They post at forums spitting their anger at the marketers, the internet and all the authors of the eBooks and courses they bought.

Most of them don't even know their own situation, they only know they want to make money online but failed. Once they fail, they pick up yet another get-rich-quick scheme, ponzi or hyped up eBook and use that.

Actually they don't even use them, because all the eBooks and courses they've bought will contain very valuable information, insider secrets and step-by-step plans, but they don't apply what they've learned. When you don't use the power of practice, your knowledge won't bring you anywhere. You have to go out and apply what you have learned, in order to make money online.

There are a lot of newbie marketers who just don't have a clue about what they got into, they think it's so easy to make money online. That's the only reason why they spend so much on each and every get-rich-quick scheme. It's about time that you stop buying all that crap.

Please take my word on that about 90% of all information told in eBooks in available for free somewhere else. You just have to search for it! Most of it is just re-hashed stuff, copied from someone else, or just put together from a few articles.

The next time you read about a very good eBook, don't focus on the product but on the message that tells you that you want it. Why do you want it? How does he use copywriting techniques and tricks to get you to order? How does he create that extreme desire? It's really a miracle to see how much you can learn from those really long salesletters.

Now I set you before a choice: Get rich quick, or get rich slow?

How to get rich slowly on the internet? That's pretty easy! Take your time to buy a few eBooks and study the hell out of them. I suggest you take notes on everything you find worthy of using. If new ideas pop into your mind, write them down immediately, otherwise you probably forget it in a minute or two.

Okay, take slow action now. Plan and prepare each step or your business plan really properly and don't haste yourself. Each day you're getting one step nearer to your goal. Just one small step.

Or do you want to get rich quick on the internet? Then you stop buying those hyped books, courses and tapes now! Don't ever buy yourself into a ponzi or scheme ever again.

What you do now is learning everything you can learn from a few authors you select. Just choose two or three big names in the marketing world. Now subscribe to their newsletter and download their materials. Check their websites and everything they do and send to you. Got it?

The last step is really easy once you've studied those successful people for a while. You will know a lot of their marketing techniques and you'll have details on how they write copy, what they promote and more.

Just copy them!

It's really the best get-rich-quick plan ever invented, it has all the right ingredients of experience, study and action. If you start copying them now, you can profit in days.
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