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Pet Business Project Ideas for You

Aug 17, 2007
There are numerous animal business ventures you can start from your home using Internet access. For pet lovers there are numerous ideas, with millions of caring pet owner customers all over the planet Earth.

Here are some ideas that can be started from your home on the Internet.

The most popular pet service is pet photography. This is the easiest to promote and complete a purchase on the Internet.

Almost all of us love pictures of our dogs and cats. We can make them up anyway we want and feel that they are very cute, which they are.

Customers have digital cameras they can use to email photos to you. You can crop, enhance, frame and even engrave them. They then can be sent back to your customers by delivering the finished product to them.

There are vendors specializing in offering these personalized services including many products on which photos can be displayed, such as coffee mugs, golf balls, footballs, banners and tee shirts. You can subcontract these services out or make them yourself.

By subcontracting part of your own services you can buy items wholesale from a bulk distributor.You can then complete the photography work as ordered by your customer.

People who own common or different pets like horses, birds, fish and even reptiles love to capture their pets forever in photos. The reason for this being they are a big part of their lives.

A common means of running businesses nowadays is by offering them as a mobile service. You can promote it cheaply over the Internet. To get repeat business you now introduce special offers and coupons by using targeted email.

For instance you can have holiday specials, with pet pooches and cats in their Santa hats, or customer bunnies against an Easter backdrop.

As recently as yesterday I went to a crowded Petco pet supply store that had many customers waiting to have their pets photographed in halloween costumes.

Greeting cards with the family pet are popular as well with the photo projects. Bumper stickers are popular when presented to the buying public.

Keep track of your customer and family birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions and send e-mail reminders. Suggest several items, to give a choice, of what would be the perfect gift for that special someone who is impossible to shop for.

Pet sitting is an increasingly popular service. Many people are terrified to leave their pets in a lonely kennel while they are on vacation. This is another business you can easily start from your home via online promotion.

Per above, most people abhor leaving their pets in kennels and live alone or without extended family or friends nearby. They travel frequently on business. They need you bad.

They may be wealthy retirees who take off frequently for lots of travel but cannot take the lonely dog or cat along. You can start marketing this unique enterprise from the Internet plus you can also set up scheduling from the Web as well.

People can log in, tell you what pets they have, their locations and what days and times they need your services. You can post your fees and indicate the dates already filled and those that are available.

Contact your customers to confirm and tell them your terms.

This might easily link to a pet photography, dog walking, grooming and other business projects in a fairly short time. You can care for the family cat, give him grooming and then the newly beautiful feline could have her picture taken before the family returns from their outing.

This will hook your customers for life on you. The second time you sit, tend or walk the pets will be easier and more fun for you because the pet will recognize and look forward to your company and appearances.

I know this from experience. You will make new fun friends.

See, you can do lots of things to start a pet business from home. You can use the internet to promote it entirely and help to manage it. Enjoy and profit.
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