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Compelling Your Visitors to Take Action

Aug 17, 2007
Compelling Your Website Visitors to Take Action

You have built your website - everything is perfect - so you think. The visitors start coming, more and more, a month goes by and yet they did not click on your ads, or signup to your newsletter, or buy your product. What the heck is going on with your "perfect" website?

A common problem that many people have is that before they even start designing or building a website they need to decide specifically what the goal of the website is. What is the website about? What are you trying to accomplish with your website? Are you trying to sell a product? Are you using the website to generate ad revenue with Adsense or similar programs? Is it a squeeze or name capture page? Is the site built for profit or is just an informational site? These questions need to be answered for the website as a whole - And then also with each individual page.

With each page of a website there needs to be a single action that they want the visitor to perform. Once you have decided what you want the visitor to do, then design the layout to lead the visitor to exactly that action.

The hot zone of any website is above the fold and specially the top left. Over 76% of clicks occur above the fold - thus if you want a visitor to click on an ad this is where you want to place the ad.

In order to get the visitor to click on the ad you need to draw Attention to the ad. "Catch the visitor's eye" - certainly online, the most effective way to do this is with images. If the images is of a person, our subconscious mind will more time then not, also associate an emotional value with that image. Ask any salesperson, and they will tell you emotion is what sells. That is why text ads associated with images often achieve a 10% higher click thru rate the bare text ads.

Headlines will either generate interest or bore your visitors. Carefully written headlines that specifically address the visitors problem will also increase your click thru rates. Ads that state -click here- or other command statements will also increase visitor click thru rates. If this is your objective with that specific page of your site, make it obvious and easy to recognize to the visitor that by clicking on a link - the answer to their problems will be revealed.

A common misconception is that you should blend ads in so they do not look like ads. While in certain cases this may be true - the bottom line is you need to grab the visitors eye, immediate relate an emotional tie to it, and pique their interest further with an enticing headline, and then make it painfully obvious where they need to click. If you "blend" your ad in too much, none of these four things will occur, and you have failed to compel the visitor to follow your course of action.
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