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Should I start a Network Marketing Career?

Aug 17, 2007
Network Marketing is a business model that can lead to a fulfilling career and a retirement style income. Before embarking on a this path, do consider the following:

1) Your Own Mindset
People fail in MLM when they do not develop a positive hardworking mindset. This not only applies to MLM, but anything worth achieving in life. We only achieve when we are PASSIONATE about what we do. Passion makes our actions laser focused to hit our targets.

2) Attitude
A good mindset leads to a positive attitude. When something does not go our way, we should learn from the results and not blame someone or the company from it. We may not have control over the Network Marketing company, or whether or not our MLM sponsor supports us, but we can chart our own path and control our own destiny.
One can take various action by staying with the company, put one's best attitude forward and succeed with the company's system, signup again under a better sponsor, or opt out and do something different. Our mindset, actions, destiny are ours to decide.

3) The Sponsor
It is important to start off with a good sponsor at the beginning. This is because the initial months usually decide whether or not the new enrollee will stay in the business. Some people may feel unhappy that their sponsor did not contribute to them, left them in the lurch or are simply piggy backing of their downline's efforts without contributing to their success and learning process. Search for a strong team and sponsor focused on the MLM business you are keen in, before joining the team. A strong sponsor will impart all the right skills for you to achieve a retirement style income.

4) Network Marketing Company's Duplication System.
The Network Marketing business model builds on the principle of duplication. It is important to note that these systems do not necessarily set you up for success. People join these companies thinking that if they follow these steps, they will be set up for massive profits, which is not entirely true since not everyone can naturally follow the same practices.

Such systems involve the following:
-Make a friends list and contact them
-3 foot rule. Use DVDs and CDs, go up to anyone within 3 feet and give them the Network Marketing DVD and CD
-Buy Leads and cold call
-Invite prospects to seminars and allow the seminars to sell your prospects on the Network Marketing business model
-Train yourself to be numb to rejection and hear ten "no's" before you hear a "yes"

Do people really make BIG money following these Network Marketing practices?
Yes. And I also know many who don't and struggle to talk to prospects, bring family and friends to seminars and functions.

An alternative way to the traditional Network Marketing Business model involves harnessing the power of the INTERNET and no cold calling. To build a successful Internet Network Marketing business model, one needs to learn the techniques required to harness leads on auto pilot, then guide these prospects into duplicating the same success on the Internet.
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