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The Malicious Nature of Spam On Your Computer

Aug 17, 2007
Spam is malicious. It is not just annoying, but it can wreak havoc on your computer (not to mention your nerves) as long as you are connected to the internet. The fact is that spam does more than just send a few emails here and there. It actually can do a lot of destructive work, too.

There are plenty of ways that spam can hurt your computer and even your business. Take a look at these dangers that are imposed on your computer regularly.

No matter if you are in business or a personal user, spam can cause numbers of problems with security. Not only do they often contain viruses including Trojan viruses, but they also can contain spyware.

Some forms of spyware can actually track the keystrokes you make on your computer, allowing others to assess pass codes and key pieces of information that could later be used to steal your identity or your money.

Many of today's employees are setting up outside email sources that they use so that they can avoid being caught by security programs set up by the computer system.

Using Hotmail of Yahoo! will allow them to get past that security but also puts them at risk for a loss in confidentiality of the information they are passing along. This can be portal for malicious spam to get in.

If you were to mistakenly click through spam emails and did have adware, malware, or even spyware downloaded onto your computer, a simple program may not sweep it clean.

In fact, many people will allow these too pile up so much so that the cleaning process is difficult, often too difficult to actually allow them to restore full use to their computer.

The downtime of your computer, especially in business related avenues, is high. Spam could be the cause of this downtime and loss of funds.

Did you know that email users are responsible for the email that comes out of their email box? Many ISP regulate this, but the problem lies in spam.

If a spam email contains a Trojan or other virus that invades your address book and sends emails from your account to others, it can be later marked as spam and reported. That means you are legally responsible for those emails even though you had nothing to do with sending them.

Even more so, spam is annoying and a time waster. If you don't realize just how much it can cost you and your business, you are putting yourself at risk for potential problems.

Spam truly can block the benefits your online connection can provide to you.

Beware: Spam is malicious, as malicious as anything you can get.
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