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MySpace Mailing Lists for Email Promotion

Aug 17, 2007
MySpace mailing lists allow today's artists to promote themselves in a whole new dimension that gives them an extra edge. While there are many early adopters, a lot of the smaller artists haven't quite tapped into MySpace mailing lists and are yet to experience the benefits of a targeted email blast promoting their new songs, show dates, CD releases and anything else they could possibly think of.

The popularity of MySpace has exploded recently and with no signs of it slowing down, it's only going to get bigger in the months to come. You can go on MySpace and find almost every band or musician under the sun. (Well, maybe not under the sun, but I'd bet if you named the top 20 bands, big or small, they'd all have MySpace profiles.) While the bigger artists have MySpace profiles to communicate with fans, many smaller bands and musicians have MySpace profiles to help promote their work. They want to spread the word, generate buzz, develop a fan base, and ultimately take their career to the next level. The best part of this is that the dream of making it big, isn't actually too far off.

The MySpace community wields a lot of power especially in the music industry. Just to cite an example of MySpace influence (albeit a little outside the sphere of music), on Sept. 25, 2006 CNN ran a report on their news ticker saying that Nicole Ritchie was checking herself into rehab for an eating disorder. Ritchie responded almost instantly and posted a message on her MySpace page calling the rumor completely false and adding whoever started this was "evil and mean". The comment on MySpace, which was read by many members of the MySpace community, actually prompted CNN to run a story the next day clearing up the false statements about Ritchie.

It all comes down to the fact that there is power in numbers and enough people read Ritchie's statement to impact CNN, just like a musician can get enough plays and attention to attract record labels along with a big fan base. Part of the challenge on MySpace is that each and every band is just one click away. So, how do you make yourself stand out and reach your fans away from all the rest of the clutter?

One answer people are turning to is to add a MySpace mailing list to your profile. By collecting email addresses on a MySpace profile, the band/musician opens up the ability for one-to-one direct communication with their fans away from MySpace and away from the clutter. Adding a MySpace mailing list is as easy as copying and pasting a little bit of code and can even be totally customized. For artists who don't want to customize their MySpace mailing list, they can download a pre-made stylish design from a wide variety of sites on the web. Once the band has started building a mailing list, they can blast out an email to all their fans every time there is an important message worth sharing.

The power of one-to-one communication through email is highly effective and can put fans in the stands, increase CD sales, or drastically give a band a spike in song plays. The important thing for today's band or musician to realize is that every day that goes by where they are not collecting their fans' email addresses through a MySpace mailing list is another day of lost opportunity. It may take time to build a large mailing list and while MySpace speeds up the process from what it used to be, the sooner the MySpace mailing list is on their profile, the sooner the ball starts rolling.
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Robert Burko, President and CEO of Eliteweb Inc., helps MySpace bands, musicians and comedians promote themselves through a MySpace Mailing List powered by Elite Email Marketing. He is an active member of the MySpace community.
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