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Affiliate Sales Increase Through Product Recommendations

Aug 17, 2007
Product recommendations is one of the time tested and very successful ways to increase your affiliate earnings.

This is a method that improves over time. As your customers learn to trust your recommendations, your affiliate sales and earnings will increase.

Care needs to be taken in the selection of the affiliate products that you recommend. Know something about what you are promoting. If you don't feel good about a product, don't recommend it. This will only hurt your credibility and lessen the possibility of future sales.

In the beginning until you develop a reputation and a following, it may be easier to recommend smaller ticket affiliate items. Once you have established some credibility, higher cost affiliate products will be easier to promote successfully. You have to develop a level of trust. Once someone has purchased as a result of your recommendation and had a good experience, the chance that future recommendations will result in sales increases.

One thing to think about when you are recommending affiliate products is to give an honest account of the product. Stress the benefits your potential buyer will receive from the product. Stress the really strong points about the benefits. The benefits are more important in sales than the features.

If you were recommending air conditioners as an affiliate, instead of focusing on the thermostatic control it would be better to hone in on how cool and relaxed it would make your potential customer feel on really hot days. Help them imagine the coolness with your description. The features may be great, but they would be buying because of how it would benefit them and make them feel.

Affiliate sales can be accomplished from a topical niche website where you promote affiliate products related to your website topic.

Another way to presell or promote affiliate products is through a review website. Choose an industry and recommend affiliate products within that industry through reviews on a site you create for this specific purpose.

One thing that makes reviews and recommendations really stand apart is a little honesty. For instance if you find an affiliate product that you really feel good about promoting and you know it has real value, point out small shortcomings. This will make your recommendations more valuable. If the product has some really strong benefits, small shortcomings may be overlooked in favor of what it does provide.

Recommending recurring services is a wonderful way to both increase your earnings as an affiliate and also help to stabilize your affiliate earnings. Earning from an affiliate sale on a monthly basis should be one of your goals as an affiliate marketer.

Recurring commissions on affiliate sales are sales you don't have to work for over and over. As long as the customer is happy with the service you continue to receive a commission monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the service agreement.

When choosing affiliate products to recommend, always know your product well, and always review the payment guidelines. Some are a flat fee, some are recurring and percentages vary. Also determine whether you are receiving an affiliate commission based on the sales price or on the net after expenses. They all read differently.
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